8,276 new VA tenant-based vouchers announced by HUD

chicago stand down va

2011 Chicago Stand Down “Surviving by their wits, the homeless rely on limited rations under extreme conditions. Like a soldier, a homeless person’s experience is both dangerous and debilitating. On a daily basis, the homeless must deal with lack of safe shelter, physical and emotional disability, and a recurrent state of hopelessness and isolation.”

The HUD-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) program “provides permanent housing and case management for eligible homeless Veterans, single or with families.”  However, if a lucky family is enrolled in the program, and the Veteran dies, the family will not be able to stay in the program.   Yes, the Veteran’s widow and children will be evicted most likely.  The newest round of vouchers are distributed around the country.  To view the chart to see how many veterans in your state will get vouchers, click here. 

Why would an able-bodied veteran, say with a family, even need a rental voucher in these locations?  We have to take a look at average rents for a 2-bedroom apartment. Here’s a sampling of statewide fair market rents from around the country and how many veterans vouchers will be available in certain areas:

Vermont rents, $964.00, will get 16 vouchers; Chicago rents, $885.00, will get 169 vouchers; Phoenix rents, $ 894.00, will get 82 vouchers;  Los Angeles rents,$1,341.00,  will get 552 vouchers; Minneapolis  rents, $836.00, will get 10;  Winston-Salem rents, $737.00, will get 18 vouchers.

This proposed new project in Washington (studios/1-bedrooms) looks attractive but Vancouver may not approve it and some think there isn’t a need.

If at risk for homelessness, call 1-877-4AID VET (1-877-424-3838)

Non-profits can apply for a homeless_stand down

Stand Down Grant–not “the answer”

but a possible to link up with services for some.

NO more VA parties (conferences) until every veteran family is housed!


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1 Response to 8,276 new VA tenant-based vouchers announced by HUD

  1. hepper74 says:

    Therefore the following is, in reality, an oxymoron –

    The HUD-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) program “provides permanent housing …..

    Putting people out on the street is not the answer. Especially families. I shake my head and wonder why this country has gone into the latrine so hard and so fast. I just wish that there was a new lottery winner in town who wanted to make a statement.

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