imagesMy Sovaldi minder contacted me this afternoon and told me I was getting:

1) More Anemic

2) My creatinine levels were dropping precipitously so my kidneys are not happy campers.

3) My Anti-nuclear Antibodies test (ANA) indicated my autoimmune Hepatitis component was climbing.

4) My IgG globulin level was going up indicating the White blood cells were massacring a lot of something nasty.

I had to disinterestedly ask “You didn’t happen to get the viral load test back yet, did you?” She indicated no and then corrected herself. “Oh. Here it is. It just came back a little bit ago. It says twelve copies which is virtually disease-free. By a month from now it will probably be zero. The doctor also says to reduce your Ribavirin amount again by one tablet a day and eat two in the morning and just one in the evening. So that’s a total of three a day. Do you want me to mail out that dosage note to you or can you remember it, sir?”

Twelve copies. Down from 857,000 two months ago. An amazing drug. Expensive at $168,000.00 dollars? Yes. The cost of long-term medical and a transplant? $552,000.00 conservatively. Pay now or pay later. Gez. I wonder how the VA OGC is going to take this? Priceless.

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  1. Kiedove says:

    Absolutely fantastic news. Brilliant work by the chemists. I only wish this was available years ago. It would have saved a lot of heartache. Now if only a safe vaccine can be developed, testing becomes routine, and all adverse reactions managed. Much reason for hope.

  2. cdneh says:

    Congrats. Chase will have to wait a while. Maybe October.

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