Brad 'the 'stache' Curry.

Brad ‘the ‘stache’ Curry.

Yeppers. This just in from Maple syrup Frank. Seems the Administrators are starting to realize their days of employment at VAMC Phoenix are numbered. No more can they depend on a VAOIG whitewash. Sharon Helman will probably be next threatening to take an overdose of aspirin if not given her job back.

What’s next? Brad and Sharon file for PTSD saying they were “stressored out”? I’m sorry. Until they see fit to remunerate the VA for stealing those VA bonuses all these years, there’s a nice, cozy spot near the fireplace in Hell just for folks like them. Warm beer with cigarette butts in it is on tap for them as well.

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  1. hepper74 says:

    They will not be able to claim that their actions are due to “stressors” because I doubt that they have a Nexus letter.

  2. He just secured his job until he retires.

  3. Karen S. says:

    And in the end the police did NOTHING! They left him in his home! Great! Now he can go into the hospital and shoot the Vets! WTF!

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