HCV Decon

HCV Decon

After a five month fight to obtain this magic elixir, I am finally going to proceed on to a six month fight to kill the Dragon. The Decon arrived late today and zero hour’s 9 AM. Protein pills and helmet await me. Words cannot describe the excitement of embarking on this Odyssey. Since the first blast of Interferon almost killed me on April 12th, 2007, I have patiently awaited the onward march of medical science. I theorized that they would come up with a ziploc bag that would encapsulate each virus. Instead, the NS5A inhibitor in Sofosbuvir is a birth control agent. Imagine FedEx throwing $28,000.00 of pills on your back porch.  No signature required. It stupefies me. Of course, the whole idea of any medication costing  a thousand dollars a pill is almost inconceivable. Almost. A liver transplant is conservatively $550,000.oo. VA planned on making me drive 40 miles to their pharmacy every two weeks for fear I might sell them on the black market. 

Much like an application of Frontline Flea juice sterilizes fleas and eliminates them, so too does Sovaldi. It’s probably far more like a birth control pill inasmuch as it interrupts one of the eight or nine critical steps in the viral reproduction.

Treatment of Hepatitis C genotypes 2 and 3 require a twenty four-week course of pills-double the normal 12-week combo therapy for Genotype 1 which still uses the old Interferon poison bug juice. For those of you like Hepsick (Mark) who have already run the gamut of Interferon with no luck, the twenty four-week regimen is also prescribed. Makes sense. If Interferon didn’t kill it the last two times time out, isn’t that the definition of insanity to continue it again and again in hopes of a different, better outcome? Mark thought so. I think it shows Interferon is all washed up. Gilead is introducing the new Sofosbuvir/Ledipasvir double whammy of two different NS5A inhibitors in the new future dose and it won’t involve any ribavirin.

Mark and I both have about the same chance of killing this without the old style crap. My genotype of 3A says 84% with one kicker. If you hit zero bugs in six weeks, you’ll probably win. Mark, with Genotype 1A, had 15 bugs left after four weeks and they didn’t even give him as good odds as they did me. He hit Bingo last Wednesday.

We’ll keep you posted with the Puke Report. News and film at Six every evening. Sovaldi. It’s what’s for dinner. And hey. By rights, Gilead Sciences Stock should have gone up today.

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  1. Larry Gwinn says:

    Keep up the good work, I am glad I dropped to ZERO so fast in the trial. We all were 100% undectivable by week 4. I remember when they told me I went from1.8 million viral load to ZERO in the first week. I had only gotten down to 100,000 on interferon cocktail and sick for 24 weeks. I felt great durning the trail and I am still in the study two years out and ever my liver is starting to heal. Man, I thought that I would need a transplant by now but I like the one I got even with all the scaring. Again gook luck.

  2. Susan says:

    I have extras of the new meds out for treatments hep c (solvaldi and sofosbuvir) left over from my 8 week treatment I wish there was something I could do with them, I know sure so damn expensive and some people can’t afford them.

  3. HarryVet says:

    Good luck with your treatment. I am on day 80 of 84(GT2 is 12 weeks) SOV/RBV . The only real side effect has been fatigue especially during these last few weeks. The most important thing is to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. Be sure to take RBV with food containing some fat. If you are having problems getting to sleep at night try taking the RBV around 5 to 6 PM at least 8 to 9 hours after the morning dose. Rest, coffee, meditation and moderate exercise are a big help. My VL when from 816,018 to <12 week 2 and undetected week 4. HGB 16.7, week 4 14.3, week 6 12.0, stabilized at 12.2 week 8 platelets 88 up to 127 week 4 and back to 111 week 8. Will take a year or more to get up to normal.

    Great website for support

  4. Clear Left says:

    I know you know this Army song…so sing along….”Stand up.. Hook up… Shuffle to the Door”

    Geronimo Brother.

  5. david j murphy says:

    Can you take just Sovaldi without the Ribavirin?

  6. asknod says:

    Seems I’ve hit a snag this morning. All the literature on the Ribavirin categorically states “Do not use if Auto Immune Hepatitis (AIH) is Present” The last time I did this in 07 with Riba/INF, my autoimmune system went ape shit and almost killed me in less than 8 hours. Here we are seven years later and the same doctor is shoving the Riba down my throat again. It excites the Immune system in conjunction with the Sovaldi. 600 mg in the morning and 400 mg. in the evening is not what my AIH can take. I was supposed to be seen by my Cardiac Doc before beginning because I’m on coumadin from a septal infarct after the last adventure but they blew that requirement off, too. This is beginning to resemble the cattle drive to the Interferon trough in 07. My ANA hit 1:2560 six months after one dose. ALT went up to 652. I’m not going back there. I spent a year in the hospital when the Crohn’s returned from it. Color me on hold.

    • Kiedove says:

      Since you had a horrific adverse effect with Riba/INF your caution is wise and justified. I would get a second opinion from someone brilliant before risking Riba. You know your body better than anyone so it’s good that you are making the decisions regarding doses etc..carefully.
      I thought Sovaldi worked well on its own. Is Riba just an extra punch?

  7. John King says:

    Good luck on this and I hope you are virus free soon!

  8. steve says:

    Alex Im a 3A myself, been in remission since 05. good to know if the dragon comes back theres some good medicine. that interferon blew one of my retinas out, caused an abdominal hernia, and knees still hurt.

  9. mark says:

    Started 4th Bottle Today, 0 viral load, only thing I have had problems with is the Ribavirin, makes me very Tired, but this is VERY EASY with NO BUG JUICE, I was a 2 Time Loser on IFN, looks like they Nailed it, HCV has seen its last days in My Body, YOUR NEXT.

    • Larry says:

      It was my sixth and experimental at the time. I started in 1993.

      • mark says:

        I started at the VA in 1990, at SFVA, I was one of the first Ginnie Pigs, 2nd time in 2002, 48 weeks again, 3rd time is a charm =, I hope.

  10. Larry says:

    I was in the first trial and now in a three year follow up. I went to undectable in ONE WEEK and still AOK. There are NO side effects from the medication just the 45 years of inflammation and a shot liver. I just wish my case would be heard. Lot’s of luck on your treatment, I was stopped after 12 weeks because I did so well. All people in the trial finished with zero HVC.

  11. John Donahue says:

    I am still waiting for other treatments at present. I have meld score of 14 but I don’t know what my viral count or my genotype is I am awaiting a response from my doctor.

  12. Karen S. says:

    Hope you kill it. Good thing you hit 20 years, brother!

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