Evidence Alert!: Bloody shared razors from “Barber’s Assistant” Dirty Jobs, Season 6, Episode 5

Modern American barbering demonstration 2011-2012

Discovery Channel, Dirty Jobs (Season 6, Ep. 5, released 2012)

I have queried my spouse about the practices of  village barbers in Vietnam and learned that their methods were unsanitary.  (Village barbers also came to the compound to cut hair and shave soldiers.)  Therefore a show on the Discovery Channel, Dirty Jobs, caught our attention last weekend. We were staying in ND at a hotel watching  Mike Rowe learn how to cut and shave in a barber shop in Mobile.  About 20 minutes into the video, ouch!  The customer’s neck got nicked in numerous places during his shave with a straight razor–by the experienced licensed barber.

I had to buy the video for $1.99 from Amazon so I could share the above screen shot (which has actually tricky to capture at 20:19).  The banter between Rowe, the barber, customers, and camera guys is light-hearted.

Barber:  “Now remember now, this is very sharp.”  

Rowe:  “…you can see the blood pulsing through his jugular.”  Rowe: ” Is it natural for him to be bleeding like that?”  

Barber: “That’s the way it goes…a brand new blade got in my way…”

Then the barber pulled out a dirty styptic pencil!  Can’t sterilize those.  And those blood-STYPTIC_PENCILsoaked nubs are rubbed into face after face. Perfect transmission mode for blood- borne pathogens.

Customer/cameraman, upon seeing the bloody towel used on his face: “Is that MY blood?

Since all the barbering tools are shared between customers the answer might be, on the towel, yes, but that’s the best we can offer.


Second close-up of bloody scraped neck.

For $2.00 this can be downloaded/copied to a device for personal use such as to support a HCV claim in which a vet has testified that he shared razors and/or used the services of village barbers.  And folks, don’t forget the clippers that trim hair from all facial orifices, necks etc…they nick skin too and are not cleaned between customers.  Barbers don’t run their offices like good dental offices.  If they did, a haircut/shave would cost upwards of $100.00.  Why, because barbering is a very dirty job and I’m glad Rowe included it in his show which was released in 2012.

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4 Responses to Evidence Alert!: Bloody shared razors from “Barber’s Assistant” Dirty Jobs, Season 6, Episode 5

  1. John Donahue says:

    Maybe that’s where I got my Hep C. Went to the town barber all the time. Even got my ear hairs trimmed but you know what no documentation. I can’t prove anything So I get 10% for my hearing. Maybe this will help. Thanks for posting it.

  2. steve says:

    Just think how many razors and toothbrushes got swapped in basic training. one long vanity with 40 sinks on it and new recruits running around back and forth to the showers, and bunks, in complete chaos. How likely is it that someone grab someone elses razor, or tooth brush? Id say its an absolute gaurtantee that its happened, many times. the px only has so many different color toothbrushes, and razors are even more common in appearance. also, many off post asian barbershops even today, around ft hood texas, shave the nape of the neck after a haircut, to give that clean cut look. I would bet my weenie they arent professionally sterilizing the razors used to cut the local populous of active duty soldiers. heck many civillians even go get the haircuts from the orientals around post because for 8 DOLLA you get a high and tight , neck shave,AND quick lean over back massage .So if this is a path to infection, it should be service connected. Not enough barbers on post so soldiers have to get thier hair cut somewhere.,

    • Kiedove says:

      So true. It doesn’t matter if they don’t use a straight razor–a razor is a razor. Clippers are clippers. They cut skin and blood gets on the surfaces. And the styptic pencils get rubbed into one neck/face after another spreading the blood molecules and DNA around

      Now the jokers at the VA, and BVA probably haven’t seen an outdoor village barber in Asia or elsewhere. But they HAVE probably seen Dirty Jobs on cable. .They can relate to the visuals provided in this episode and it will help them “get it.” They are more likely to trust Mike Rowe than a veteran.

      This is a good example of biological “PROOF OF CONCEPT.” The images above can be printed and labeled as evidence for the dull-witted who have trouble with abstract thinking.
      Thanks for your input!

  3. david j murphy says:

    Great find for all the NAM guy’s

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