downloadI have been contacted about a gazillion times with worries from a lot of you who are preparing for treatment with Sovaldi. The primary concern voiced is that you may lose your ratings or be reduced. Relax.

First of all, those of you who have been granted service connection have innumerable secondary diseases, muscular or gland/organ dysfunctions in addition to the Hepatitis C. Your liver is not about to regenerate itself so you can’t resume that wild and crazy lifestyle we indulged ourselves in back in the eighties. You can’t claim alcohol abstinence as a disability anyway. Shoot, bubba. I was the first one to file for that one. VA ain’t buying.

Some have lost thyroid glands or kidneys to this monster. Others have suffered horrible depression and the mental diseases that accompany it. Still others have DM2-either from the HCV or Interferon treatment(s). Face it. You were damaged-either directly or indirectly-by your infection with this critter. Anything that is secondary to the original infection is legally compensable.

imagesInterferon, in its own right, is probably far more likely to have zapped your more than the Hep. It has been known to be responsible for the majority of thyroid and Diabetes misfires and is strongly associated with a host of other ailments to include tinnitus and deteriorating vision.

HCV has also been indicted in setting off a panoply of autoimmune disorders such as Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, cryoglobulinemia, porphyria cutanea tarda (PCT) and pruritis. I could go on but the jury is still busy determining a host of other ills that science is only now putting under the microscope as being suspect.

The long and short of this is that SVR, or remission in DickandJanespeak, is more of a paper term and in no way, shape or form means you are ready for the Boston Marathon. The damage done over decades can not be set aright simply by waving the magic Sovaldi wand over you and incanting the magical words “Rise. You are, like, totally healed dude”. VA knows this but has been known to use it negatively in an attempt to portray your health as peachy keen and dandy.

In fact, our very own member Malcolm in the Middle is caught in this maelstrom. VA insists he is now pure as the driven snow, free of the bug and thus not entitled to any remuneration. This fails to explain the host of ills he suffers-the very least of which is DM2.

If and when VA should approach you and ask for a new C&P to measure what condition your condition is in, you will have to comply. This may set off a new round of litigation if they try to go south on you. Stand fast and report here.  We’ll give you the repair order on an individual case-by-case basis because VA never attacks quite the same way each time. They do have a limited repertoire but it is predictable. You will simply have to pick the correct argument off the rack and type it up.

In summary, Hepatitis C remission is not even considered a done deal for years as the bug is incredibly rugged and tenacious. Some have discovered this to their dismay as much as three years later. Relax. The new regimen of Sovaldi/Ledipasvir/Ribavirin seems to shut this puppy down dead in its tracks. For those of us who do not reach sustained virologic response (SVR), the results are now coming in showing the drug combo sets the bug back on its heels so completely that it is all but in remission. This allows the liver to resume a modicum of normalcy. If you are like me (63 and Genotype 3), even if you do not attain SVR, you will at least die of old age instead of a decompensated liver. The other upside is that it appears to decrease the chances of Hepatocellular Carcinoma or HCC- the Farrah Faucett killer.

The Gilead scientists are also optimistic that SVR with Sovaldi, even in the event of a transplant, grants immunity to the new liver. Hallelujah, Leigh and Paul!

geico1jpgNothing is going to cure a lot of the diseases that attached to you over the progression of your unknown illness. Your missing thyroid is not going to reappear like the Geico lizard’s tail that got amputated in the car door. Your DM2 is not likely to go into remission either. As for the fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis? Hard to say. The damage is done and is difficult to reverse. This is why we strongly advocate you seek service connection for these even if you are rated 100% or TDIU for the hep. Call it insurance. We all know what VA is capable of. Be a cub sprout and be prepared.

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  1. mark says:

    update week 23, one more to go, 3 clean tests, one more to go, then one 3 months after treatment, the lasting problems I will have for life after 4 treatments, will suck I am Now 192% disabled thats VA math, and I have it in writing, I was making Big money before they ruined me, now I make what I did as a 20 year old, Thanks for Serving.

    • woodguy11 says:

      why did you do 24 weeks? Man that had to be rough and there will be residual from it. You could be completely rid of the effects in 6 months. I hope your C is gone forever because now you will be able to be at ease knowing you will not die from a shit illness

      • mark says:

        I failed 3 other times, so being Stage 4, my doc put me thru the full 24 weeks, but thats Cool, i have 6 days to go, I still feel like Shit, but Look like I might just Live. God Kicks Ass

        • woodguy11 says:

          You are stage 4 liverwise? That means cerrosis. Stage 4 is close to the grim reaper …if I get this right. You are a short timer and I’ll say a prayer for you. Have you had a transplant yet?

          • asknod says:

            Stage 4 has two parts- compensated and decompensated. Mark and I are both on this side of compensated. If we hadn’t made this one, cirrhosis and decompensation begins the 2 year search for a new liverbox.

            • woodguy11 says:

              I hope it doesn’t come to that. I have a second liver and if I didn’t get the harvoni I would be getting close to sleep. Have you looked at the 2015 hearings for C claims? Most are being denied. I don’t know what else to do I have submitted all the evidence I could muster up. biopsy,cdc findings , claims that have won, results and findings of the jet air guns being contaminated …haven’t got my nexus from the hepetoligist @ UW,,,still waiting , she said she would write one up but haven’t heard ,they gave me 30 days to send in any new evidence and that’s my ace in the hole. This is for DRO hearing so still have form 9 and BVA. Am getting so nervous…hope all is well with you guys. need to see a shrink

              • mark says:

                Ya Know the Only Reason I finally Won after all the work Alex and I did and all the crap VA put me through, was Getting Kartina Eagle as my Lawyer, I was at were you are Now, the Va wants Us to Give up and go NUTS, You might want to call Her, She won my case in 2 months, after 15 years of doing it myself, It will cost you some of your Back pay, but I would still be waiting if not for Her. Never Give up You are closer then you think to winning, Ask God for help it Works and get a Lawyer also you must have the Nexus Letter Now, Do not wait on your Doc Make it Happen, stay in his face till he does it, your future is on the line. I know you will win.

                • woodguy11 says:

                  thanks for the encouragement….I do have a lawyer but I did a nod before I hired them, they told me they were going to , is this a safe place to talk? I bet the VA monitors this site….I would not put it past them

                  • mark says:

                    You can always Email me,, Ya they watch this site any body thats tries to do the right thing and Help Vets THEY do not like, Its funny how sick I am, I can Barley get out of Bed most days, but God is with US and It Pisses them off.

                    • woodguy11 says:

                      hang in there brother …I made it and almost died 2wice but someone is looking out for us…I know you will get better……my prayers are with you

  2. SPrice says:

    Mark, both the Hepatitis C virus and interferon treatment can cause diabetes and if you already have diabetes, interferon can make it worse. Diabetes causes neuropathy (the burning, pain on feet).

  3. SPrice says:

    Woodguy, they can either treat you with Harvoni by itself for 24 weeks or Harvoni+Ribavirin for 12 weeks. Obviously, they’re going to go for what’s cheaper. I also think they’re putting you guys in clinical trials.

    • woodguy11 says:

      I agree…I just went to my hepatologist and she showed me the results and told me my immune system chewed it up and spit it out and that it is not hiding anywhere in my body….man I am so happy …I started crying …but I guess we should not say it’s a done deal until the 6 month labs. I hope we all get cured, It feels great knowing this monster is dead.

  4. woodguy11 says:

    Reblogged this on never too late and commented:
    good luck to all

  5. woodguy11 says:

    I am in a similar situation…already did the intervirin with no sucess. doc stopped it when I started seeing circles. 10 months and the dragon came back,. Now my hips are screwed up labrum tears and had one hip replaced. could this be related to the ribrivirin interferon therapy? now waiting for harvoni treatment .Doc asked some very personal questions about my service in nam. so I answered them but will it have anything to do with my claim on hep=c .?

    • asknod says:

      Well, Ron. What we have to ask is was the Doc who asked those very personal questions a VA doctor or your own private one? If he’s VA, you have to realize they harvest info for one reason only- to screw you. Most doctors are concerned with your health and welfare. VA doctors are concerned about VA’s health and their job. They are told never to give out a nexus tying your disease to service. They focus on finding that you drink, smoke dope and snort coke. If they can hang that on you, you will never win anything. The VA Hippocratic oath is “First, do nothing. Observe and take notes and bob your head like you care”.

      • woodguy11 says:

        how about tying the ptsd to the drinking?

      • woodguy11 says:

        It was the PA and he made me drive 3hrs for the chit chat 20 mins. I thought he was going to get me on the harvoni and he didn’t so tired of this crap am ready to throw in the towel fk it!!

        • mark says:

          Tell Support path that the VA will NOT treat you, the Drug Co will, For 5,00 Copay, NEVER give up
          Brother, the Va does not give a sht about any of US.

          • woodguy11 says:

            thanks for the advice….just got a call from va and it’s a go for harvoni Monday…….this is a drive I will not mind thanks for the support…….ray

            • mark says:

              You will love Harvoni, Works Great, little side effects

              • woodguy11 says:

                thanks again….got the drug right here but have to take the riba 1200 mg a day with the harvoni….I think it’s because my donor liver is in bad shape …..hope this works because if not bye bye.

                • mark says:

                  It will work, This is the Cure, sorry about the Riba Thing, are you sure you really need that Crap, You will be cured SOON, Hang in there Bro.

                  • woodguy11 says:

                    harvoni and riba …12 weeks no detection

                    • mark says:

                      Told Ya, Thats Great Bro, Short course, 12 weeks.

                    • woodguy11 says:

                      you haven’t started ? what is the hold up…I heard the money is gone and the next money will come in Sept. I am 3 months post treatment and still clear but other problems are showing up …rashes , neck pain up into the skull….but I have had a transplant and take other drugs also …I hope you get the treatment It’s not too bad high heart beat , fainting , rash..diabetes ….Think positive and you will get the monkey off your back brother….I am trying to get a claim on hep-c and nod posted the 2015 results and it does not look good. Most are denied new year and new attorneys…keep at it you are next for the cure ray

                    • mark says:

                      No I have 7 days left on treatment

    • Mark says:

      If you are Geno 1A only treat with Harvoni, I just failed it the Riba and solvoldi, My Feet got messed up from the Riba and had to stop early, be VERY Careful what you tell the VA, They will use it to Hang You.

  6. david j murphy says:

    Do your research on side effects and document everything.If battle is joined you will be ready

    • mark says:

      Tomorrow, I go to my Hep Doc, last month the Nurse told me it was not approved for Geno 1A without Bug Juice, I almost punched the Nurse, She Lied to my Face, Been on Bug Juice 2times,
      it wrecked my Life, So lets see if the Doc Lies to me also, Mr Nod Says They have to treat me, I will report back Here when I come Home, I stopped going to the Va for the same reason, they tried the same thing for the 3rd time. There is some sick things going on with these Doctors, it like THEY Enjoy Killing US.

    • woodguy11 says:

      good idea… hips are screaming arthiritis

    • woodguy11 says:

      roger that david….hep-c could not be detected until 89…..they called it acute viral hep non a non b

  7. Kel says:

    Just because Sovaldi kills the bug, it does not repair the damage done and merely acts to negate any further damage. Besides, we are rated for the conditions it causes and not the disease itself. i.e. ‘near constant debilitating symptoms’, such as fatigue, nausea, etc.

  8. mark says:

    I Know THEY will Try and pull some Bull crap That all is well, I Trust Them about as much as I trust my x wife, Hell I have not even started treatment yet, and I know They will be messing with me till the Day I die. But THEY never could Pay me for what this Bug has cost me, I have been sick from DAY 1, and got worst every year, Till Now NO LIFE, I NEVER feel Good EVER. So The VA can go FK itself. I will never give in to there Lying slim sucking Dirtbag Doctors that get Payed to KILL VETS.

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