stardust radioYessiree. The Hugfest warmup show and everything you ever wanted to know about VA in 3,000 words or less. 1600 hrs for the Left Coast and 1900 for all you in Storm Country east of the Mississippi. Isn’t it nice that Bobbi Gentry put that to music? Now, if someone would do it to Tennessee. Word check is the only thing that saves me on that one.


LIVE call in line … 877 213 4329

Call us. Tell Rick how much salsa to bring and how hot it should be. Call and ask if you can demand VA rate you under a different diagnostic code than you got saddled with at your initial win. Call if you voted for Ross Perot. The third caller gets a free autographed ASK NOD BOOK. See? Rank capitalism is still alive.

imagesM-I-Double S -I-Double S-I-Double P-I

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