A gentleman named Darryl just left a note on the Dr. Cecil’ website widget. After seven years, he’s finally prevailed…

thank god for hcv-vet/nod/dr. cecil/dr. ahmed after seven years I won my hcv case, it would never have happen without the assistance from this website. and the faith, one must have the faith.

Darryl hit that one out of the park. Win or die and faith that you will ultimately prevail is the cement that holds our claims philosophy together. A round of applause is way overdue for this gentleman. Seven years in the hole is a long time to wait. I sent him a private message and asked him to contribute his winning technique for closer inspection. I hope he will respond and share his story with us.

Each and every one of you have unique circumstances and no two are ever alike in their prosecution. Keep in mind, too, that many a VA lawyer comes here searching for that Holy Grail- the unique piece of the puzzle that unlocks the win. By sharing this with us, he will put one more nail in the VA coffin that prevents us from attaining what is rightfully ours and promised us when we signed on the line.

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  1. Kiedove says:

    Darryl–Thanks for sharing your good news! Best wishes to you and your family!

  2. Gerald Green says:

    Congrats to you my fellow warrior. I too just finished a seven year battle with the VA and scored a victory thanks to a federal judge who applied common sense and over turned repeated VA denials. I am not only happy for myself, but hope all fellow veterans keep up their fight and take the battle to the end and if I can be of any assistance to anyone, please contact me and I will do what I can to help.

  3. Kel says:

    A hearty congrats to Darryl! 7 years is a longggg wait.

  4. asknod says:

    Hey. I didn’t DO anything. I have never spoken to the man prior to today. He did all this entirely by himself. Let us always give credit where credit is due. Consider me an “enabler” or one who adduces chicken bones for a living.Cupcake says I have Turret’s syndrome.

  5. hepsick says:

    Good Job BRO

  6. WGM says:

    A well earned compliment Mr. Nod.

  7. lpnams says:

    I’ve used your website and even though I’m an attorney-I’ve never done VA-you are an inspiration! Louise


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