Live Twitter chat with CDC Director Thomas Frieden

I don’t know how a Twitter chat works but this is an opportunity to ask questions about HCV testing, blood safety, safe injections, within the context of global health and Haiti.  I do know that HIV is prevalent in Haiti.

Dr. Frieden will be joined by an expert from CDC’s Center for Global Health to discuss the public health achievements in Haiti over the past three years, and answer your questions about how CDC’s work around the world protects the American people from health threats, wherever they arise.

Thursday, February 28th, 1:00-2:00PM EST

Join the conversation:
Follow Dr. Frieden on Twitter @DrFriedenCDCExternal Web Site Icon and use the hashtag #CDCchat to participate.


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1 Response to Live Twitter chat with CDC Director Thomas Frieden

  1. hepsick says:

    Ask them about Agenda 21, and there death vaccines, about there Depopulation Agenda, and watch them RUN

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