CDC: Still apathetic about HCV

hcv global prevalence cdc map

global HCV prevalence click

Information about HCV on the CDC website is evolving albeit slowly.

Click the map for a larger view.   Imagine that all veterans with HCV (resolved or active infections) were isolated together in their own country.  They’d have to provide a different and darker legend color because a prevalence of 2.9% is not descriptive enough illustrate the magnitude of HCV in the veteran population.  In fact, the HCV endemic all the countries should be marked with a different color. 

According to 2006-2007 research (click table for larger image), among the HCV endemic countries are: Egypt (18%); Rwanda (17%); Cameroon (17%);  Burundi (11%); Bolivia (11%); Guinea (11%); Mongolia (11%).

But medium/high risk countries are countries that have a prevelance of HCV over 2% according to these researchers’ references

Map Source:

In my opinion,  there is little enthusiasm or concern about the domestic or global HCV crisis from the CDC’s leadership.   

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