This is a moving story and I wish to thank Tom for it. You guys and gals provide me with about 80% of the content that we use to help others. The humor helps because HCV is a brain bender and nobody needs depression. The stories of others’ lives are poignant memories of things we’ve often spent years trying to forget. Anything like this takes my breath away for a few moments. I have to remember to breathe again. This Corpsman was not only smarter but indeed braver that the average bear. To think the SSI Nazis would try to go after his SSDI is unthinkable… or is it?

You’ve witnessed what the VA can do to you-or me-and has in fact-done already to many of us that altered our lives and indeed our fortunes. When we, and people like Roy Benevidez signed up, I’m sure we all didn’t think down the road that we’d have to watch our six-especially with the  SSI guys or VA. Many of you who served know what it feels like when VA suddenly, 38 days shy of five years, gives your rating a haircut from 30 to 10%. I’m waiting for the VA to teach them over at SSI how to do CUE.

I petitioned the Air Force, at the urging of member Mike, to up my General Discharge  to an Honorable one. My excuse is that the Pathet Lao made me antisocial. In addition, I asked them to issue an updated DD 214 that accurately reflects my true service and medals awarded as well.  I never worried about it before. What the hell? Why not set the record straight? Roy had to wait over a decade to get his CMOH. I don’t mind forty years. It just seems like the right thing to do before you punch out.

DD 257 sanitized

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3 Responses to TANGO MIKE MIKE

  1. Mikey says:

    Getting mine fixed only took six months.(a record by anything VA does) What was nice was, since they have nothing to do with disabilities, they have no reason to hold back records. So records supposedly missing are right there for the finding.So besides getting the Full Color version Discharge and the DD 214 without the SPN number for all to see. They have provided me with alot of evidence for future claims.In this case, kinda glad left hand doesn’t know what right hyand or left foot are doing.Just wish they’d go to OZ and get a Heart from the Wizard!! Mikey

  2. Kiedove says:

    Thanks to Tom for sharing the slideshow. What a story…

    And I know we all hope that Nod’s AF petition will be successful.
    My DH would like to get his Combat Action Ribbon even after all these years.

  3. RobertG says:

    How can I add anything more to this man’s valor and care for his fellow warrior? Thank you for your service and sacrifices to our country. I look forward to meeting you when I pass from this world to the next…

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