I don’t mean that to be humorous. Everything is going up. The delay times in our adjudications. The time to get in to VAMC for a mental health evaluation. The price of gas. And so on. What shouldn’t be, is. Granted, the cost of gas will only kill you in an alliterative context. Waiting for months, when promised days, to see someone about your pretzel brain issues will result in even more problems. That’s in some prequel to the Psychology 101 classes. Law Bob sends me this which pretty much incriminates the VA. They in turn, will blame… yep, trot the straw man out here–Bush.  That’s usually followed by the “Funds we will need, yesssssssssssssss.” Or  Wimpey’s plaint of “I would gladly rate you next Thursday for a bonus today.”


Everyone’s just in denial. I don’t have a problem with that. I’m going with 2015 and 98% accuracy. I like that Koolaid. Uncle Eric said so. Has he ever been wrong?

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  1. asknod says:

    It’s criminal what isn’t happening for Gulf War Vets when they come home. Either they are ignored or misdiagnosed with a “personality disorder” as I was instead of PTSD., or hung out to dry with an “We’ll get back to you soon, Hear?”

  2. I laughed throughout this entire post. And you don’t mean to be humorous… Pssssh! Great post!

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