Can you kill HCV on equipment by boiling or burning? NO, CDC warns inmates.

HCV to pot of boiling water or hot flame: Bring it on. You can’t stop me.Fire Icon

Here’s the flyer:

CDC Publication No. 21-1306 entitled Hepatitis C and Incarceration,  page 2, states:

Why doesn’t cleaning kill the Hepatitis C virus?

Bleaching, boiling, burning, or using common cleaning fluids, alcohol or peroxide will not clean needles, tools, and other instruments.  These methods are not strong enough to kill the Hepatitis C virus.  This virus can still spread easily from one person to another. 

Click box, zoom, go to page 2.

cdc hcv can't be killed by burning or boiling

HCV can’t be killed by burning or boiling
states CDC

One-third (33%) of inmates have HCV.   This is a terrible statistic.

Let’s now apply this information to an unpopular medical device we discuss at AskNod, paraphrase and extrapolate.  The jet-gun injector (MUNJI) can be referred to as a tool or instrument.  Even if the nozzle had been bleached, boiled, burned, or cleaned, between recruits getting vaccinated at boot camp, these methods would not have been strong enough to kill the Hepatitis C virus and it could have still spread easily from one person to another.

So now we know what inmates know (if they’ve read the CDC flyer).

Are the gutless scientists at the CDC going to wait until 33% of the general population gets diagnosed with HCV before this warning is broadcast to everyone?

I shouldn’t be stunned at this information after learning that HCV survives freeze-drying and long storage.  But I am.  I guess it’s the word easily.


For  information about the incarcerated veteran population, I found this Justice Department press release with a link to a 2004 report.  I’m afraid they are doomed.


Ed. Note:

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen Vets. It appears that Kiedove has finally submitted the smoking gun for a sure-fire jetgun win. Have your nexus doctor read this and then write your magic thesis. Sadly, we’ve known this for  aeons. Trying to get the CDC or someone with an audience has been the roadblock. This might be the the log that breaks the jam.

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8 Responses to Can you kill HCV on equipment by boiling or burning? NO, CDC warns inmates.

  1. Ryan says:

    Talk about misinformation…. Bleach does work. I saw this on the CDC website. I also had to take classes on it to comply with court orders and the also taught that bleach will kill anything. Im not 100 percent sure about boiling water. But where are your sources? And if none of these methods work, what does work?

  2. Dave says:

    if there’s hep C in your Coke and you cook a rock from it can you get hep C by inhaling it?

  3. Kiedove says:

    The flyer for inmates is out of stock. The important information on this flyer is UNIQUE. I have not seen it on any CDC materials for the general population. Archive copies in whatever way you can.
    Email it to yourself, upload it to iCloud, Google Drive (formerly docs) thumb drives etc.

  4. PaulfromTexas says:

    If truth be told, live cultures in research labs , in Panama, in the 1930s, were fed live blood to keep things moving.
    The virus got into the serum base and the shots themselves became the vector for HCV and airjet innoculators.
    The sugarcube polio vaccines were contaminated with carcinogenic ( in simians) monkey viruses in research., in the early 1960’s at Tulane.
    They gave out the remaining 100 million doses anyway.

    The CDC knows this too.

    • Kiedove says:

      Paul–That’s really interesting. I was wondering if the vaccines themselves may have been contaminated. Let us know more or point us in the right direction.

  5. Kiedove says:

    Well, I think this big too–but the flyer should be combined with the awesome image here:
    since some at the RO don’t have good reading skills
    Just right click and save as, to download to your computer.

    I think we can write for the publication for inmates by number but you can email it to a copy office /print shop like Fedex, Staples etc.

  6. RobertG says:

    I liked reading all this info but still hate my disease. Well how would NOD write up all this good info into language that would be understood at the BVA? I can still submit evidence since I am in limbo waiting for results of IME. Inquiring minds need to know…

    • Kiedove says:

      Robert, I’m going to try and get copies of this publication but otherwise, it can be printed from the pdf.
      I think combined with the jet gun nozzle image, they will get it.

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