I received a note from WGM down in Texas. He apparently overestimated the Power Of Interferon. At 60, we all do. What’s even stranger is that he lasted two weeks. I’m a wimp. I only did the dirty deed once and experienced the joys of a 104.5 fever, hallucinations, chills, an ice bath and more. I’m not into total immersion Baptism. According to the nurses, I wasn’t very cooperative with their attempt on ice chips, either. I don’t remember that part.

I’m willing to bet WGM won’t recall a few things when he gets over this. Just for any of you who’ve done the “cure” before,  can you recall the:

1) Ride to the Emergency Room?

2) What vehicle took you (yours or an ambulance)?

3) Nurses getting you kidneys and other organs turned back on again?

4) Really neat “halo vision” ?  balance issues?

5) Cognitive brain disorder? confusion? unable to understand simple concepts like going to the bathroom or eating?

6) Extreme depression and an indifference to living?

Boy, wasn’t that a hoot? I enjoyed it so much I decided to lay back for two years. Tonight,  after you throw the cat out and cut off the lights, say a prayer for W. He needs a lot of help to get back in the saddle. A little Hi from on High, assuming there is One, would be in order. I expect that’s why I’m still here. Certainly many will say I’m an asshole but I doubt I’m a big enough asshole to  convince a disease to lighten up or bug out.

W’s good doctors have thrown napalm on a well-developed house fire. If it wasn’t burning before, it most certainly is now. Putting out the Interferon fire is a dicey proposition if it turns on the autoimmune disorders.  But we won’t talk about that because you all will pray and we won’t have that problem. Sometimes your whole body decides it suddenly doesn’t like you anymore. As a postscript, check out this too cool for school arrowhead W knapped from obsidion. I told him I couldn’t receive anything for my help but he wouldn’t listen.

I’ll probably have to declare it on my income tax as a priceless gift.

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8 Responses to WGM–VERTEX CRASH & BURN

  1. WGM says:

    Thank You All So Much. You are uplifting, inspirational, and greatly appreciated; especially the prayers.

  2. randy says:

    Best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery. I am sure that there are some it helps but when the dance card is full you have to look for an alternative date.

  3. KC says:

    WGM, you are most certainly in the C family’s prayers.

  4. Kiedove says:

    One of these days I might look back and write a bit about what it’s like living with someone taking pegylated Interferon–in my DH’s case, for a year. The virus succumbed in the end but that period was one long shared horrific nightmare for our family.

  5. WGM says:

    Thanks Brotha. You are an inspiration to me and many others.
    It is my Lucky Good Fortune to know you.
    Godspeed and Good Health to You and all who enter here.

    • Kiedove says:

      Amazing arrowhead!

    • SquidlyOne says:

      Get well soon…W

      Ah yes, the healing powers of black obsidian. A Native American man usually has the stones carved into an arrowhead since they may only carry useful items about their person. Generally, Black Obsidian is known for the following healing powers:

      reduces stresss and anxiety
      strengthens bone marrow
      protects the “super” sensitive

      • WGM says:

        I didn’t know, and have not heard this information about Black Obsidian. I have hunted and studied them since I was 6 years old. I started making them 30+ years ago. Thanks for the great information.

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