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Perhaps the phraseology is wrong, but the disease isn’t. Primary Biliary Cirrhosis, or PBC, is a form of hepatitis with no DNA or RNA serum markers. It doesn’t mimic autoimmune or steatohepatitis either. In fact it is dissimilar to alcoholic … Continue reading

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VCS v. VASEC– 9th Fed. Cir. VIDEO

If you have a spare hour, this is a good watch. It will open your eyes on how deeply the VA is in denial. Denial of their backlog problems. Denial of our claims. Denial that they even have any problems! … Continue reading

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As some of you may know, the VA has a clandestine program for Veterans that they do not advertise and are trying desperately to conceal. The Independent Living Program, or ILP as it is known, is run by the Vocational Rehab folks. … Continue reading

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I received this letter from Mr. Wayne Theofrastou today: Wayne Theofrastou says: Dear Sir: What have I ever done to you that rates your belittlement of me, my character and my service connection for hep C case ? The VA placed … Continue reading

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I just received an email from Dr. Ben Cecil. His old  email address is deluged in spam and almost useless. If any of you need a nexus letter for your illness(es), please contact me by clicking on the Email asknod page … Continue reading

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A member, defined as anyone who contacts me on my email, asked me how the VA works with respect to their nexus letters. I could not honestly answer him with a truthful assessment. If you read my most recent CAVC … Continue reading

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This decision mirrors what I am appealing in that I had medical records from a civilian hospital during my time in service while on duty. Legitimately, these records would be associated with a Veteran’s SMRs. The truth is they rarely are. Ronald … Continue reading

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Here’s a jetgun decsion that is clean-i.e. there is no other risk other than jetguns to consider. What will make your hair stand on end is what this Veteran assembled and presented as evidence. He has obviously done his homework. … Continue reading

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Have you ever had a premonition that a 55 gallon drum near you might have Agent Orange in it? It happened to me a lot in SEA. In fact, they all had orange rings around them except for the ones with blue … Continue reading

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