Here’s a jetgun decsion that is clean-i.e. there is no other risk other than jetguns to consider. What will make your hair stand on end is what this Veteran assembled and presented as evidence. He has obviously done his homework. He’s being represented by the VVA, but I’m sure they weren’t his waterboy on this one. You will notice this pertains to Hepatitis B virus , but the bold type at the bottom tells a different story about the risk of transmission of hepatitis.

Read this and remember it when it’s time to file your claim:

Also in January 2011 the Veteran submitted a 
November 2005 Board decision which noted that:

The VA physician indicated that a review of 
the medical literature, including a report 
from the CDC MMWR dated in June 1986, 
confirmed a high correlation between this 
method of immunization and Hepatitis C 
infection (the Board notes that this excerpt 
actually pertains to the Hepatitis B virus).  
The VA physician also noted that a review of 
a document from the Department of Defense - 
Epidemiology Board dated in January 1998 
strongly recommended that multi-use jet gun 
injectors not be used because of the risk of 
transmission of blood borne diseases.

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