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CDC–Houston, We Have A Problem…

Those funny guys down at the CDC are so perceptive it scares me. It’s as if they are prescient and realize a problem is brewing. Buried on page A-16 of my local Tacoma fishwrap in a small sidebar, they dutifully … Continue reading

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Dayton VAMC Malpractice problems.

Eagle-eyed member Loyal spotted these this morning. As much as VA likes to tout the Presumption of Regularity in this and that, and Doctors can do no wrong, we still read about these glaring VA “medical misadventures” which always seem to be … Continue reading

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The last of the 2011 BVA decisions were posted this morning early. I know. I couldn’t sleep or else I’m prescient. Since my Cryoglobulinemia is in Hyperdrive mode, I doubt it’s precognition. My brain feels like a gigantic sticky spider … Continue reading

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FROM THE MAPLE SYRUP RO IN VERMONT Imagine filing shortly after service for Hep because you came down with it a week after you got out. You know the dentist is responsible but VA treats you like a dolt and … Continue reading

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