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One hour and four minutes to launch. Here are a few notes to consider on DRO reviews: Bryant v. Shinseki  is here 38 CFR 3.103(c)(2) is here: (2) The purpose of a hearing is to permit the claimant to introduce into … Continue reading

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Hold on to your hats, ladies and gentlemen. First I wish to express an abject apology to Robert. A. McDonald, our newest and potentially most intriguing of all VA Secretaries to date. I was cynical after over twenty years of … Continue reading

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I keep seeing this popping up on my search parameters of what kind of queries lead people or Vets to my site. Obviously, there seems, even in this day and age, a large number among our community who are unfamiliar with this … Continue reading

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Member Denise writes me and says “What to do? Been denied on jetguns and didn’t know I needed a nexus! Fired my VFW rep who is no longer BFF. Found you by accident. I have the letter from my family … Continue reading

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To DRO Or Not To DRO

There are as many viewpoints on DROs as there are Veterans.   Many of us, according to the GAO, are not “fully informed” of our choices: When a Veteran gets a RO decision and decides to appeal the decision, … Continue reading

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BVA–Bare Conclusory Statements

From the  Honorable Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman RO in Atlanta (ATRO) In what United States judicial forum is it permissible to make broad, sweeping conclusions with nary a supporting argument to buttress the statement? Correct, Padewans. None. Well, “not exactly” as … Continue reading

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Santa Claus is Coming To Town

At 1500 hrs yesterday what should my wondering eyes behold but the ILP Information Technology guru named Jim minus his 12 prancing reindeer. Saturday, ladies and gentlemen. Saturday. VA doesn’t work on Saturday. Of even more interest, VA does everything … Continue reading

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My Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor called me this afternoon and informed me that my DRO decision was positive and I am to be awarded a computer with all peripherals including Dragonspeak. It will be a dockable model to permit portability when … Continue reading

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I have received a query from member Joel who asks several questions which are of interest to us all. Here is what I do know on the subject. I would ask any with additional knowledge on this subject to please … Continue reading

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