Holy Mackerel. I guess I don’t have to worry about getting sued by all these scam outfits stealing you Veterans’ money. I reckon I don’t have to go down the list and identify every last one of them either. Below is a link to the Military Times article that came in on the NOVA news feed this AM. We’ve been begging the VA to go after them for years. Apparently, someone just noticed. Amazing, huh? Nothing gets by these folks for long. This one happened in slightly less than 2 years. I’m impressed.

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  1. BadWolfe says:

    After reading some of you exploits with TWS, I decided (shows my poor judgement, eh?) to join Together We Serve, just to pay my personal price of suffrage. You were sure correct. Just as an example, I am now receiving a sh*t ton of Spam, offering me many things to purchase, each trying to pull on my heart strings. I mean, they will give you a free Military Medal “Veteran” to wear to your favorite party. JUST SEND MONEY! (list of free items you get.. after you send them money: U.S. Army Cap, U.S. Army Veteran License Plate frame, Free Shipping on All Orders, U.S. Army Pin, Personalized Lifetime Member Veteran I.D. Card + more!, U.S. Veterans Service Medal – NEW! Free Military Hat!”

  2. Calvin Winchell says:

    It’s about time to rid the parasites from the processes… great news!

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