Holy Macaroni. Sorry for the late announcement. I’ve been buried in the computer solving claims mysteries and completely forgot to put up a blurb to announce the show. John & Jerrel are doing a day-before-the day-before-Christmas show and asked me to come on and discuss my client’s recent SMC R1 win and the secondary CUE claim for R1 going back to June 2014. It’s been sitting in CASEFLOW since last Wednesday as “Ready for signature” by Veterans Law Judge (VLJ) D. Mantz Ames. Judge Ames has been kicking around the BVA as a staff attorney since the dawn of time (all the way back to 2005). He was awarded his wings in 2017 and seems to be a straight up Judge. Fingers crossed.

Some, as we know, are decidedly not the Veterans’ friend but life is full of prejudice. No use crying over that.

A nice Christmas present for any of you who served in Thailand, Laos or Cambodia would be to joint the TLC Brotherhood. You can find them at They’re a great outfit and we help unfortunate villages over there with donations and construction projects. Check them out.

Here’s the skinny on the Show:

(515) 605-9764

The show starts at 1900 Hrs on the easterly Area of Operations and 1600 Hrs in the Lefterly AO. Armor up w/ beer and pretzels before the show so as not to miss anything.

The www. link is:

Dial one (1) (nung) (wən), (un) only if you wish to speak to the person you wish to speak to. Otherwise, refrain from dialing 1 so we do not get a lot of background noise. Merci.

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1 Response to EXPOSED VET RADIO SHOW 12/23/2021

  1. Doug H says:

    Looking forward to the show!

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