Hoo, doggies. I love to talk to Veterans and teach them how to spank the VA legally. Since I began this gig, I’m dumbfounded at the tsunami of Veterans who have sent me emails and thanked me for being a ”ghost Sherpa” for them. No. I’m not blowing my own horn. I just mention it to rub salt in VA’s metaphorical wounds. If you remember, VA insisted from 1989 to about 2008 that I never served in sunny Vietnam and was not entitled to the AO herbicide presumption. That’s pretty hard to swallow. Not only did I serve, I did two tours back to back. I lost some good friends whose bodies were never recovered.

That hurts. And, as Sir William vocalized so eloquently, revenge, with a side of a pound of flesh, is a dish best served chilled which suits me just fine.  Supersize me, baby. Being able to teach other how to fish instead of feeding them fish is enough for me. For those unteachable or too disabled, there are attorneys and Agents like myself who can sub in. I will include VSOs because they fill a niche-albeit sketchy in terms of  their legal knowledge. But even if they were Perry Masons all,  it wouldn’t help. VSOs work for VA. They are beholden to them for their existence in the compensation arena. They’re not allowed to go off the reservation and actually help at the risk of being fired.

But that’s not why I called you here. I shine the Bat signal into the sky tonight to alert you to another evening with John and Jerrel and a few choice remarks about some of my cases and how that may help you-the Veteran- get the upper hand with VA on your claims/appeals. Tomorrow night, October 7, 2021, at 1900 Hrs East and 1600 on the left, I have the honor of teaching even more of you about Special Monthly Compensation and its incredible inverted barrel rolls of logic.

You’re going to get to see an actual bushwhack job that screwed a Vet out of R2 for the last seven years. Take a gander below.

Redact Narrative 6-19-2015

This is equitable estoppel. The VA puke is attempting to talk my client out of her R1/R2 entitlement by scaring her into believing she’s going to lose her right to free medical or hospital inpatient status. Shut the front door. We’ll be talking about that and more. Hope to see you there.

The call in number  is

(515) 605-9764


Or, you can log in via the link below. Press one (1) to talk after you connect and hear the greeting. Otherwise do not press one (1), remain silent and help us keep all the dogs barking (except mine) down  to a dull roar or muted entirely…

P.S. Here’s the latest blurb from BVA Board Chairman Cheryl Mason on the BVA backlog for appeals adjudications:

September 2021 BVA report

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  1. Calvin Winchell says:

    Oh good! We can all watch the Red Sox vs Yankees & Dodgers vs Cardinals wildcard games and the best for last = John, Jerrel, and Alex… the World Series of Veterans issues! Rock it….

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