I often preach about CUE as the hardest thing to win. It can be challenging and dicey to eke out a win. Here’s a daisy. My Bluewater Vet got a rotten 19 year Fenderson look back. I knew he would. VA screwed him out of all his retro $ because they kept him below 50% and CRDP until he got his 100%  and DEA for P&T. So… how to fix it became my fixation. 

I cheated. I kept his MDD filing in 2002 on ice when I reopened this to see if they would give it to him without another filing. Fat Chance. They swatted him down with a new effective date of 12/2020 when I filed the CUE. In fact, they refused to call it a CUE and converted it into a request for a reopen of the 2002 denial. Shoo doggies, a Gook couldn’t have built a better a punji pit in my war. The DRO fell right into it.

Paying it forward for your bro.

Now, there weren’t a lot of medical records but I lucked out and got a bunch of old Cardio stuff which got him 100% back to 2014 but this (the MDD)  was the 2002 icing on the cake I wanted to ensure. It makes for a good read. Ol’ Judge Parker was pretty polite in not actually querying the RVSR as to whether he was raised by wolves nor whether he had a like IQ to go with it.

Happy homecoming to all you V Vets. I see yesterday was the only day available to designate as Vietnam Olly-olly income free. What about 5/07/1975 when they were having the “how many Hueys can you toss over the side” contests on all the flattops off Saigon? Or 1/30/1968 on the cusp of Tet offensive? What in Sam Hill does March 29th have to do with anything that happened in the war?  I guess we don’t get “equity” even 50 years later.

Kick back. Pop a cold one and enjoy some good, old-fashioned premeditated justice. I just love it when a plan comes together. I’m evil.

Redacted CUE filed 12-2-2020

redact CUE RD 2-25-2021 MDD

redact filed 10182 EED MDD 3.4.2021

redact 3.29.2021 BVA grant MDD 2002

Here’s a copy of the most recent Code sheet. I’m waiting to see how (and if) they are going to rate at 0% in spite of a  2002 c&p that says 30%.

Redact Code rating sheet before 3.29.21 BVA EED

So, the teaching moment here is simple. Expect perfidy when you deal with VA. Expect to find a hollowed-out loaf of  bread when you get your rating. If they gave you 10%, chances are you were due 50%. In this day and age, I expect my clients to get short-sheeted so I’m upping my game to stay abreast of the tomfoolery.

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  1. Calvin Winchell says:

    Another genius move! No evil here boys and girls… no sir… serious blowback maybe?

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