Once again, I don’t get no respect. Jerrell called to say they had a cancellation and would I be available? Well, sure. Anytime I get to bloviate and expound on VA law for an hour in front of a microphone, I consider it a religious duty to attend and offer my useless conjecture. I don’t care if I’m second fiddle. The music is all the same.

If you served in Thailand (or Laos/Cambodia as I did) and still haven’t hit the jackpot yet on your Agent Orange claims, listen in tomorrow. I’m two for two on these claims which is not to say that will continue in the plus column. It takes a special kind of finesse to understand how to win these claims. I discovered they are all unique and a confluence of many different facets of service. Most try to show exposure at the perimeter and fail. We’ll talk about that. Most of all, it helps because I was there for two years and walked in your boots.

Here’s the most recent BVA decision. These chuckleheads did the RD in less than a week. Shut the front door. redacted BVA win 7-31-2020 

redact RD & Code sheet 8-7-2020

Old Harry cut this one mighty close. I had to get a pronto IMO from my folks at Mednick to get in under the 90-day letter wire. The BVA even obliged me by giving us an advancement on the docket as well. Seems like all my Vets get the AOD. Seems like most are pretty ill, too.

We’ll talk about how to prove boots on the ground when all you have left of your STRs is your shot records. Check this out. Remember that Plague shot? How could you forget it? If so, here’s a retrospective. Ignore that US Embassy entry in Vientiane. We were never there. It’s a fig newton of your imagination.

So, same Bat Time, same Bat channel and same Bat telephonic contact number:

(515) 605-9764


Or, you might try this on the internet:

Before you click the link, make sure you:

  • Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  • Have a reliable broadband Internet connection
  • Plug-in a microphone and headphones (Common Apple or Android earbuds with a built-in mic, headsets, and USB mics are options – Do not use the internal microphone on your laptop!)
  • Have access to a quiet recording space with as little echo and background noise as possible

Enjoy the show. We’re also going to discuss Wolfe v Wilkie. Read about the problem here.

John and Jerrell will inevitably talk about the election and that’s well and fine. My website is free of such things as we only have one common enemy-the government. I don’t reckon it makes much difference as to who’s screwing us- be they of the red or blue persuasion.

Anyway, I hope you all tune in. 1900 Hrs on the (L)east coast and 1600 Hrs on the leftmost (progressive) coast-which, incidentally, is all Trump’s fault…

Here’s a good shot of flying humans

Here’s a good way to avoid a carjacking

And Mayor Lori Lighfoot as she sees herself


I thought this one up this morning driving by a scholar.

And the latest fad from Bar Stool Sports…


Be safe. Drink Coronas w/ lime wedge to gain immunity. If you can’t smell them, you have the virus.

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  1. Emmit Collier says:

    I love them articles. Take care and keep them coming.

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