Jerrell and John have graciously invited me back to their radio show for another hour or more of outlier insight on the latest prestidigitational feats of the Veterans Administration. The Kung Fu Flu (less syllables and rolls off the tongue more easily than COVID-19) has wrought havoc on the process of even getting a Power of Attorney filed and accepted.

As usual, the show is Thursday, 23 July at 1900 Hrs on the eastern seaboard and 1600 Hrs for the enlightened Left -including PDX.

The call in number has changed since Jerrell transferred the flag to Exposed Vets.

(515) 605-9764

Dial one (1) (nung)(un) if you wish to enter the conversation queue or ask a question of us but refrain from doing so if you only intend to listen. This prevents echo and feedback.

I hope to find you there.

Here’s the link to the show ( I think)

asknod was here


Pickles was here

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  1. Kiedove says:

    I am listening to this funny podcast now and have to pause it at the mention of the word “looters.”
    A little humor from NY Post opinion writer Kyle Smith, commenting of a LA Times editor, that prompted a laugh from me:

    These are the innocuous words progressives want to ban you from using
    July 25, 2020

    “At the Los Angeles Times, for instance, an editor has said the word “looters,” which has been used many times in the paper, now has “a pejorative and racist connotation” and that anyone who is inclined to use the word should “talk to your immediate supervisor.” Translation: Best not use the word at all, if you want to stay employed.

    So what to call looters? Non-paying shoppers? That doesn’t quite tell the story: Ordinary shoplifters don’t usually bust up all the windows. How about self-appointed retail-justice-commandos? Revolutionary mass goods-commandos? Revolutionary mass goods-redistribution agents?”

  2. Calvin Winchell says:

    I will be tuning in and am waiting for the day you have your own show! They know your one of the most informed V.A. law dogs and a combat vet to boot! Now how the hell you goin to beat that??

  3. asknod says:

    Thank you for your able assistance, sir. BTY, there was a great new CAVC decision regarding bad paper last week and the VA right now is considering a new regulation that is far more liberal/sympathetic in looking at OTH paper.

    VA gives notice that it proposes to amend its regulations regarding character of discharge determinations. VA proposes to modify the regulatory framework for discharges considered “dishonorable” for VA benefit eligibility purposes, such as discharges due to “willful and persistent misconduct,” “an offense involving moral turpitude,” and “homosexual acts involving aggravating circumstances or other factors affecting the performance of duty.” VA also proposes to extend a “compelling circumstances” exception to certain regulatory bars to benefits in order to ensure fair character of discharge determinations in light of all pertinent factors.

    Comments must be received on or before September 8, 2020. More info at this link here.

  4. So, Thursday 5 PM on East Coast, 4 PM on West….for those that have forgotten…

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