Several-hell- 20 Vets have emailed me and said they had a comprehension problem about how I explain the new Claims Appeal Procedure. The short response was ” What in Hell did you just say?” I get that. This thing has more twists and bends than the Mississippi River. And like Ol’ Miss, there are some oxbow lakes that are now cut off from the main channel. That’s the fustercluck we were just handed courtesy of all those wonderful folk like the Vietnam Veterans of America. I expect I don’t remember them calling me up and asking me what I thought on the subject. For them and the rest of the Big Six VSOs to crow about “fixing it” is a cruel joke. About the only thing good to come of it is a direct path to the BVA after the Dear Johnny Vet letter. Best to present it to someone with real legal training.

Which brings us to Hadit.com and Jerrell. I have been graciously invited to come on and try to unravel the mysteries of RAMP.  As I said in my article, RAMP died February 14th. To make sure there were no mistakes, they took a week off and began the new Appeals Management Act on February 19th. Bright and early that morning, they denied my Vietnam Vet in Phoenix R2. So… he falls into the new AMA. Cool beans. We filed this afternoon for an appeal today directly to the BVA. We opted in to the new system because it occurred 1)on or after 2/19 and 2)it’s a SOC. We’ve chosen Option 3- advancement on the docket at the BVA with a  local Travel Board Hearing and submission of new evidence.

I look forward to answering questions on this complicated subject. Feel free to call in.

347-237-4819 (push #1 to talk)

Jez, I know some day some group of crazy people will show up here and claim BlogTalk’s British spokesgal above is being “used” and it’s/I’m misogynistic yada yada. I’m declaring right now I’ve never dressed up in blackface either. I’m happily married, don’t hit on women and open doors for them. I think I missed all those alcohol-infused parties Justice Kavanaugh attended. I attended an all-male Prep school.

Thursday night 1900 HRS on the East Coast and 1600 out West here. John, Jerrell and I would love to hear from you if you’re planning a NOD and wonder which way to go.


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  1. Chisholm, Chisholm and Kilpatrick, LLC did a recent Video on YouTube which explained the “Modernization” most aptly me thinks. Sorry about your guy on the 19th, mine (the 19th!) was A-O.K.; at the CAVC when the Court slapped the wrist and/or pulled the chain of the BVA regarding their 2nd and unproductive “Stay” which ironically proceeded their JMR, which my attorney favored and with a Vacate: which was missing from the first go-round there in 2015.
    Without prognosticating, everything points to a better end than even I would have anticipated.

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