I just received a request for my appearance on the Hadit.com podcast two days hence. We’ll be discussing an SMC client of mine with an interesting fact scenario. We’ll also be discussing an interesting precedential decision from the CAVC promulgated waaaaaay back in 1991. I attach it below so all of you can digest prior to Thursday afternoon.

We need every tool we can assemble in our “toolbox” of cites to win our claims. I guarantee you’re going to like this one (MacWhorter).

Same Bat time. Same Bat channel. Thursday the 15th at 1600 Hours on the Left Coast and of course 1900 on the (l)east coast.

Call in to listen and push 1 if you desire to ask us a question during the show. I am personally look forward to this one. Hadit.com and asknod.org  are like peas and carrots.


Attached here are the discussion items:



MARLOW v Brown 90-956

As a postscript to the show last night, thank you- all of you- for calling in. I know that VA law, and the all the terms and abbreviations we use, can be confusing. I try to reduce it to DickandJanespeak when possible. The subject of attaining service connection is more than I can summarize in any one radio show. I try to show you techniques and strategies to employ that VA cannot defeat. I hope all of you benefit from these. John and Jerrell are a gold nugget in Veterans claims and the radio show gives me an opportunity to share what other VA attorneys would consider valuable secret methods they would rather not share. What the hey? I sure don’t mind sharing my tricks with all of you. I’ll probably have Vets lining up for claims representation at my funeral on the off chance I may rise from the dead.

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