Pop Smoke

As most  know, my April Fool’s gene always comes out around Halloween. To say I’m addicted to humor is a masterpiece of understatement. This is a product of being told I’m going to die. Well, duh. The only problem with that diagnosis is that it’s been delayed a few years. I did read somewhere this week that people who embrace humor live longer. I owe all these latest cartoons to Dennis Stenftenagel, a fellow Hepatitis C survivor of our unofficial group HCVets. Enjoy.


To all my readership, I wish you a happy Halloween and a Happy Veterans Day.

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  1. Garry Brown says:

    asknod, I stumbled across your site 2 weeks ago. I haven’t been the same since. Keep up the good work; you are helping a lot of veterans and I just love that dry humor.

    • asknod says:

      About the third time they put the paddles on your chest and yell “Clear!” you begin to appreciate the meaning of humor and the necessity for it. VA tried to kill me over the one-year period I was incarcerated at the Seattle VAMC (2009-2010). I got even by becoming accredited and making even more work for them.

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