Our Secret Squirrel officer from  security was recently down at Mar-A-Lago. S/he knows a certain paparazzi who snaps stuff for the tabloids. He managed to get these closeups with his drone of the purported secret cabal arriving at the servants entrance who are now running the VA behind our new VASEC’s back. Please don’t tell everyone we were the Vets who spilled the beans. We’re just passing this on…really. 

The head of the triumvirate nicknamed Dearth who insists on anonymity

Head of Covert Ops known as “Bozo”

Public Relations Chief “Fred”

Many of you may recognize these folks from their extensive work in Washington on other VA IT and HR projects over the last several decades. In fact, these are the folks who brought us VBMS, Virtual VA, VACOLS, WARMS and the new DoD/VA interface computer costing $13 billion that still is on training wheels.

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  1. Beau says:

    Thank you for tthis

  2. michaelpoliver7 says:

    Does the turnip thrive within the rind of an Orange? How many Decades has it taken for the vision-questor to lose view of his vision? You’ve narrowed it down to its essential essence. What we believed we were seeing is in fact an illusion. Thanks and please pass the Melatonin?

  3. woodguy11 says:

    Now we pay for 3 CEO’s to burn down the VA

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