Dilley! Dilley!

The (l)east coast branch of asknod sends us this important observation that may sway our military’s hellbent rush towards drone usage in combat. What might be overlooked is drones never get hangovers (but the operator might), go AWOL (except that one in Iran) or demand a costly sex change operation (Spec 4 Manning). Outside of that, they would seem to be a welcome panacea to the collateral damage of combat-related injuries.

Think of the possibilities. We could save millions on all those medals and the concomitant cost of dog and pony show awards ceremonies. We could eventually do away with the Veterans Administration and all their insufferable baggage. The possible exception might be numerous compensation claims for operators’ carpal tunnel syndrome or incurable STDs. Success in war would essentially devolve down to the old adage of “He with the most toys wins.”

The downside would be increased global warming and starvation due to the explosive growth of populations normally decimated by war. Another vewpoint:

This just in from Ace Jewell, CDR, USN (ret.) now about 88 years old and a fighter pilot in three wars.


” Drones will not be late to briefings,

start fights at happy hour,

Destroy the Officer’s Club Stag Bar,

attempt to seduce others’ dates,

purchase huge, garish watches,

insult other military services,

sing ‘O’Leary’s Balls’ whilst dancing on tables,

yell ‘Show us yer tits!” or do

all the other things that win wars.

As such, I see no future in them”.

Wiser words were never spoken. Dilley! Dilley!


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  1. “Mister Secret Agent Man” (Played to the Tune of the formerly great TV show!!) Listening NOW to Your last HadIt radio showtime! Thanks Alex!! Oh, we’re laying down comfortably in the CAVC (on one-o-thar-desky-things)..Seriously, the “RBA” is in their ball-court; i.e for anyone reading this; IF you ever GET to the CAVC, entering Your Docket number will get you (whomever) the latest action in your case/claim/(now) Appeal. Next step for us is Verification of the (NEW) RBA with “evidence” entered into “their new digital system” during that magic period of Remand from the BVA back to the regional or whatever agency will do ‘the dirty work”.. (Above entered for sake of anyone struggling who sees it)…

  2. John says:

    Zweibrucken AB (RF-4C) was notorious for facial and head injuries caused by attempted “carrier landings” on O’club tables that had been prepped with beer. Had to let off stress somehow, unarmed recce had about a 30% chance of survival if the ballon ever went up.

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