Well, this is a first. I haven’t had my birthday hit on Easter Sunday since back in 1956 when I was knee high to a 9 oz. bottle of Schlitz. In our family, we always get together for Easter and cook enough for the North Korean Army. No. We don’t invite Kim over but you get the drift of the analogy. We also buy the Birthday boy or girl about 10 of them Scratch and Sniff Lotto tickets. It’s our civic duty to throw money away into the State’s coffers. Used to be for schools but then one day it got repurposed for “studies”.

Being older, I only got five tickets. I guess my kids think I’m luckier than them and only need five whacks at the Piñata. I came up with a dry hole and then scratched the last one.

So imagine my surprise, not to mention good fortune to note I was the big chicken dinner winner on my birthday. Shoo doggies. What are the odds?

My Lord. I knew I was lucky but this is pretty cool beans. My loving daughter asked me if we had to take it to Olympia to the Lotto Headquarters or if we could just go down to the local Desperation Delicatessen (7-11) where she brought it.  I flipped that baby over to get the skinny and suddenly remembered what day it was. Punked. Worse, and even more painful- punked by my kids.

Come Christmas, I reckon I’m gonna go down to our fuel dealer and rustle up some lumps of coal. Ho, ho, ho my ass. Oh yeah. Happy Easter.

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  1. SPrice says:

    You have a whole year to plan how to get them back.

  2. Christopher Ford says:

    If only you could have known and simulated the big one and fall to the floor – happy Birthday and keep fighting the good fight!


    Happiest Birthday apparently and congrats upon your pure and simple throw-o-the-dice! What “good fortune” and this while I wait for my own “entry” into google/s “MATTER”; grant-lottery, I believe your odds were/are certainly better than mine; although I could have asked for fifty K, I only asked for twenty, so this alone has reduced my angst about being rejected.

  4. Kiedove says:

    Money magnets and good deed doers!

  5. squidly says:

    Well BD boy, at least you got a thrill! Happy Birthday.

  6. You are still one lucky Dude my man 1

  7. cdneh says:

    Oh, good gotcha. Happy Birthday 😀

  8. Frank says:

    Happy birthday!
    (As for the scratchoff, “Oy vey” !)

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