Hopefully, all you meatheads have survived Quatro de Julyo and still have all your digits attached-either by God or surgery. We fired off our share and I noticed you can actually get a crick in the neck from looking up at mortar rounds going off. As most also know, Cupcake adopted something only a six-month baby can ride. I can saddle him up and both feet touch the ground when I’m in the cockpit. What’s that all about?  The only thing I’ve seen ride him are the birds in the pasture. Enough. On to the CAVC’s version of “Justice delayed is not Justice denied.”

Meet Buckshot. Check out those cute blonde eyelashes. Buckshot’s going on a diet before the Ischemic Heart Disease gits him.

As most know, I launched another AIM-54 several months ago to prepare for Seattle’s VR&E request for a financial disclosure report of I and my Cupcake’s net worth. You can see Tim Allen in Home Improvement facing the camera and silently mouthing the word “Arruuuuh?” with his eyebrows raised. That’s what it appears it’s come down to. Since I discovered is well-read at the Seattle Regional Office now, I can telegraph my intentions to give them time to gather their wits about them and assemble a new war plan. Remember, in this game of VA hide-and-seek, you want them to view you as a hand grenade with a straightened cotter pin- synonymous with an omnipresent danger.

Here’s the report. VA Lions–5, Asknod– 0. This wasn’t a well-reasoned or well-received Ex. Writ. It was a plea to get things moving-or better yet- convene a Panel and ask themselves once and for all,  “How much delay can VA drum up while telling him to cool his heels in the waiting room for several years while they fiddle about, fiddle about, fiddle about?”

Any good legal gripe needs a long, slow simmer to bring it to fruition. Once won, VA usually complies. What the hey? They lost. Time to Pony up, boys. VR&E, on the other hand, is that unique office where they march to the beat of their drummer- not VA’s.  St. Margaret’s staff attorneys want to see much more of an “arbitrary refusal to act” before they set loose the dogs of war on Shulkin.

Thus, you can understand Saint Margaret Bartley’s apparent ‘shortness’ with me in this decision. What the hey? I thought it was worth $50 to see what cards they were holding. Patience, Alex. If they delay building the greenhouse until next spring, I’ll have more time to get rid of my backlog of claims. Jez. Now I sound like the VA.

17-1450 CAVC decision

Onward through the Fog.

Vote for Oat Willie

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