Tattoo this number to the top of the keyboard for VA claims gratification. Just out on Ron Nesler’s VA Is Lying Facebook site, the accompanying email address is the equivalent of the ‘Call me Bob’ McDonald’s cell phone. Use it sparingly with care. In fact, I’d classify it as a DEFCON 2 alternative and give it fire extinguisher status of “In Case Of Emergency Only!”

Bon chance!

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2 Responses to VETERAN”S TOOL BOX

  1. Ron says:

    John King is right. As the old saying in the Corps goes, “Money talks,” and what the big boys and girls in congress calls us, “Bull shit walks.” The only thing that the sociopaths in congress want from us is our votes. Nothing else and F**k you is their opinion.

  2. john king says:

    Trump really needs to make good on his promise to vets. I must have spoken to my congressional rep. 20 times about the VA and was told to buzz off basically. The VA does something outrageous and the congresswoman says “nothing I can do about that”. I bet if I made $50,000 campaign contribution she could do something for me.

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