download (1)From the humor capitol of the world (Atlanta), comes this winner. Thank you Bruce Almighty for the contribution.

A young Navy pilot just out of training, goes to his first squadron party. Guest of honor is the Wing Commander who is accompanied by his to die for drop dead gorgeous daughter.  Our young stud has spent the entire evening agog staring at her, until fortified by numerous adult beverages and the urging of his squadron mates, finally gets the courage to talk to her.

To his great surprise, he finds she is witty, warm, knowledgeable about airplanes, sports, and guns, and appears to be interested in getting to know the new pilot.

He asks for her name, and she says “Carmen”.

“Lovely name that. We don’t often hear such these days” says the pilot.  “Is it a family name?”

No, she said.  “My given name was Gertrude, but I never liked it.  When I hit 21, I legally changed it to ‘Carmen’.  I named myself after the two things I love most.  Cars, and men. But do tell. What is your name?”

“Beertits” replied the pilot.


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