Who is Doctor Gold?

Last year my spouse received a VA PCP appointment letter with the unfamiliar name on it:  Gold. Huh? Report to Gold? We emailed his PCP RN, “Who is Dr. Gold?”  “Oh, that just means Gold Team.”  Oh……okay.


Circa: 1960 Image: CC Flickr

Now I’m curious.   Are VISNs everywhere creating PCP colorful tribal teams or is this a blast from the past--way too corny to survive?  

Dayton: Green, Gold, Red, and Blue; Philadelphia:  Blue, Gold, Green, Pink (Women), Purple (Geriatric), and Red;  Waco and Temple:Green, Gold and Maroon; Boise: Silver, Red, Purple, Orange, Blue, Gold;  Milwaukee: Blue, Yellow, Red and Gold.  

Hey, whatever helps. Go, (your color), Go!

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4 Responses to Who is Doctor Gold?

  1. david murphy says:

    Same for San Antonio, red, white and blue

  2. Longfellow Rogoczy says:

    Yes, Boise VAMC has had those colors for the16 years I have been going there. Strange days indeed.

    • Kiedove says:

      Popular in Boise. Some VISNs have these PCP teams listed on their contact page, which is where I found the above color preferences.

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