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Hi, this is Bob Mc D. We’re sorry but the mailbox is all filled up. Try again later, hear?

I rest my case. Remember, I too reached out to “Bob” last fall. I never did get to talk to him but I got his email and opted for that route. He pawned me off on Seattle’s DRO Cheryll-Anne Mackey-Rivas (note that’s a personal best-two hyphens) who graciously called me first before sending me a brand new SOC.

The smart money these days seems to be the Extraordinary Writ of Mandamus. Secretary Bob is required by law to answer those. Looks like I’ll be preparing yet another one to enforce the BVA decision for my greenhouse. I share this poignant vignette from VR&E’s residentura apologist at Seattle’s Famous Fort Fumble. He freely admits he’s no longer my “Counseling psychologist” or Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor in VAspeak, but nevertheless has the the disagreeable task of being the go-between. Apparently, being a untermenschen, I am not allowed to communicate directly with the VR&E hierarchy.

In three days, (May 4th, 2016), we will mark eight months since my BVA grant. Seems like a propitious date to file anew:


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  1. david murphy says:

    Response to MS Frank. That would be a commonsense solution. Commonsense and VA????????

    • M.S. Frank says:

      Maybe the problem is that there are 2 kinds of common sense: Human, and Genie. Has the human ever lived who didn’t get screwed big-time upon asking a Genie to grant a wish?

  2. MS Frank says:

    A “crisis,” arguably exists, at least for veterans left dangling by VA’s glacial clearance rate of the appeals backlog (& putting paid to Ask NOD’s Writ of Extraordinary Mandamus).

    Q: Who’s the go-to guy for crisis settlement?

    A: Indisputably, Kenneth Feinberg.

    Congress: Will y’all *please* pass a law that takes VA’s sloth & inaction-generated**crisis* away from them, and turns over ajudication of all backlogged claims “of a certain age” to Feinberg? (A lot of us veterans waiting for resolution are *already* of a certain age, and so, at the current clearance rate, are unlikely ever to see a cent from VA. Who said crime, er, foot-dragging, doesn’t pay?)

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