haditlogo2007Jerrel called me up last night and asked if I wanted to do a show on the new VA shredder scandals. I said Loyal (BroncoVet) would be the go-to Vet to have on as well. Loyal caught them in Dayton back in 2008 remodeling his c-file. The show starts on the East Coast at 1900 Hrs because they are always behind the times. We’re better time managers on the Left coast and that allows us to be three hours earlier. 

The call in number is still


Dial a one (1) if you wish to speak to us.


The Regional Offices were in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, New Orleans, Philadelphia and Reno, Nev. At least two of the 69 documents headed to the shredder directly affected benefits and nine had the potential to, according to the website. This means, with 56 VAROs, that 50 other offices were lucky there aren’t more VAOIG investigators running around.

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  1. Kiedove says:

    The VA employees who are trying to help (man interviewed on fox)

  2. Sherry says:

    This is what I don’t understand. I went with my husband in the early 90’s to our local VSO and we were told “Your records must have burnt in a fire” so there were no records of him serving his Country. Well how is it those records are now found 25 years later? My husband should have been allowed to file a claim for his PTSD 25 years ago and I think VA should be held accountable for shunning my husband with such a bogus lie!

    • john king says:

      Does your husband have his DD214? If it shows combat zone duty and/or any ribbons, badges or medals that show combat then that is enough to start a PTSD claim.

  3. mindfulcloud says:

    I don’t know who you are Asknod, but I like what you write.

    Could you write about an attorney missing the one year NOD deadline and the regulations about no postmark and the 5 day rule? Also, if the very same contentions, a rating increase, TDIU requests are simultaneously being appealed at BVA– which entity has the last say so?

  4. john king says:

    There is the “Hide the Files” scandal also in my grandfather’s case. My grandmother lived out her last few years in a nursing home. I knew my long dead grandfather had been a veteran from 1908-1911. I had pictures of him in uniform. I asked for A&A for my grandmother and the VA told me there were no records of his service. This is because they did not look. My brother found his records in an archive for Pre-WWI vets recently. Hey, Civil War Union and CSA soldiers got pensions. Well, my grandmother died 20 years ago but we and she could have used that VA money. Same thing happened with my mother. The VA said WWII army vets records were all destroyed in the fire so why look? I got DIC and A&A for my Aunt because her husband died in service in 1939. I still had to fight to get the money for her. The VA’s attitude is and was “We have it, now you try and get it. We don’t care about helpless widows. Try to get the money, just try”!

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