635646931319099161-veterans-administration-logoHere’s a piece of history on the VR&E’s IL program that shines a bright light into a murky pail of water. Only the GAO could crow about this particular piece of work and conclude they hit one out of the park. Frankly, it leaves more questions unanswered or vaguely interpreted than its power to enlighten. No one even notes the oddity that Wyoming still seems to be devoid of severely disabled Veterans. The report does explain why Manila has never seen a successful IL program launched and any of its Veterans “rehabilitated”. 

My favorite passage was a detailed description of how they mind-meld with participants and interpolate the significance of age, era of the majority of participants (Vietnam), the remarkably fact that they can have over 3,000 enrolled in a given year when there are ostensibly only 2,700 slots and other inane facts. Here’s an important formula to measure “hazard” all of us should memorize. Why they buried it on page 49 escapes me. I wonder if it takes into account a paper cut while loading your ILP-issued printer.


I wonder if Hannibal had bean counters doing this when he opted to go over the Alps? Most importantly, I worry that the report is long on immaterial facts and short on what most of us would consider useful data. In the pages detailing services rendered, I see a large quantity of grab bars installed near…yup… toilets. Seems we can’t perform our ablutions without assistance rising. Considering most of the recipients were identified as having PTSD, this speaks volumes about…what? Rarely have I seen a Rand McNally roadmap leading to no destination with little or no useful intermediate landmarks as references.

Here’s another snapshot of wasted GAO dollars. VR&E freely admits they have no clue who got what and how much it costs. They’re just sure they denied when they could and granted if they couldn’t.


I would like to thank Member Extraordinaire (as well as Emeritus) Randy . He was recently very helpful in communicating to CBS that there were recently some really wild Not-For-Profit parties afoot at the Broadmoor Hotel down in his neck of the woods Colorado). Perhaps the only one nearly as prolific at  finding these is Member Maple Syrup Frank. He, too, is adept at finding VA’s poules de luxe hidden amid the chaff of VA hyperbole.

After reading the report, I came away with one bright idea. Since I’m going to become a VA Agent, I need an up-to-date Lexis Nexis VA Benefits manual by NVLSP with the latest CD disc and supporting 38 USC/38 CFR. Member Loyal (BroncoVet) sent me an old one in 2010 and LawBob Squarepants provided me with the “gold” 2013 version. However, time marches on and the CAVC/Dead Circus continue to produce new law. As the GAO report points out, we severely disabled Veterans can have more than one IL program running at the same time. To which I say “Incoming!”

Tomorrow morning I am going to contact my erstwhile Veterans Service Counselor Kris Holloway straightaway. I will inform him of my impending VA agent status and my burning ILP need for a current VBM. Perhaps, since the IL Programs run for several years, to ensure rehabilitation, mayhap I should ask for next year’s copy in advance  to ensure a successful outcome and proper rehabilitation. Well, after all, that’s the metric they use to measure success in this business. I sure don’t want to get an F or flunk out of the program for lack of course materials. After all, I’ve been moderately successful so far in attaining my IL objectives. I think VR&E should issue a bright red “R” for rehabilitated we could wear on our lapels.

Speaking of which, the answer to all of you is no. No, as in VR&E is still in a quandary as to whether they should ship my greenhouse via UPS or FEDEX. Seriously, it’s been over six months since I was awarded this and no word back from Jack K.  What the hey? I told him to just give me his VA credit card number and that 3 digit code/exp. date and I’d take care of it myself.  Maybe his card has less than a $150 K limit…I think I feel an Extraordinary Writ coming on. You all don’t reckon they’re funning me, do you?

More anon.


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  1. david murphy says:

    Sad but true on the grab bars,etc. Just started my ILP quest in search of a tractor and the first words that came out of my reps mouth were grab bars and can grabbers. Sad

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