VR&E’s fearless leader

Ah, my stars. Look how time flies. Spring is only moments away and the greenhouse I anticipated is nowhere on the horizon. No, joking aside, folks, VR&E SES’s were put on notice September 4th, 2015 that they were going to have to forego bonuses this year. While they dawdled, the cost of the building increased dramatically-as did my imagination. 


When I first found about ILP in 2010, I was sick and naive enough to believe you could walk in and ask for a greenhouse. ILP Guru and Jedi Master Bruce Almighty McCartney back east gladly sent me pictures of his 2007 success story. He spent three years waiting.Bruce g-house 1

Bruce g-house 2Knowing I needed to teach this new VA skill set to others, I dutifully filed in March 2011 and began my own Trail of Tears. A relatively short time later (in VA time) in September 2015, I was granted this tool to help others. The Agency’s delay in implementing it speaks volumes to the ineptness of the VR&E hierarchy. At what point does it cross the line from ludicrous delay to purposeful? I grant they are in a quandary. Nobody since Bruce has been awarded one to my knowledge. Maybe they forgot how.

I, like King Canute, cannot stop the tide nor put Spring on hold. Nature operates on a far different esoteric level than what we are capable of discerning. And, moving on while waiting for Col. Kammerer to send me his ILP credit card number and info, I am forced to make do with what I have. I take the three carbon emitters to help increase the CO² inside.


Cherokee Purple was the winner in 12 days


the three carbon emitters


I’m thinking about asking Col. Kammerer to add cable TV internet access and a new computer out there. I might need to know something about hydroponics and it’s a three minute stroll back to la maison. Maybe WiFi too. And some stereo music speakers. I hear tell plants cotton to Country and Western tunes. But what am I saying? The reason it’s taking so long is because they want to get it perfect, right? Shucks. Here I was all worried they were going to cheap out on me. I’m betting they’re burning the midnight oil down at 810 Varmint Ave, NW and slaving over a very generous VR&E Individualized Independent Living Program (IILP) ’til the wee hours every day. I bet that contract encompasses all my needs. Actually, if I’m going to spend a lot of time out there, seems a big screen TV would be a good idea too. And a 12 K generator with a deadman autostart in case of power failures.

Funny thing is this six-month delay must be dragging down their efficiency numbers. Whoever expected there to be a backlog of ILP claims?

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  1. Slowlane says:

    Farming Tip: Don’t plant your chickens too close together.

  2. …jeez, after seeing how great they look, I’d like one also…! Nice propane tank set up and concrete floor, etc… but now where will you put your cable flatscreen tv and computer desk…?

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