creamsicle melons (6″ diameter)

No crop circles this year to report but lots of phenomenal success growing the creamsicle melons. We had our first last night. Since I do not use anything but organic fertilizer specially produced by my horses on contract, they did not get nearly as large as their counterparts in the commercial arena.


Nevertheless, the fruit is an unparalleled taste sensation akin to a Good Humor creamsicle of yore. The melons even have a light orange hue, The taste is best described as honeydew in texture but that subtle cream flavor one associates with a dairy product.

Corn. What can I say about corn? For two years running, since the invention of Global Warming here in the NW, local corn is beginning to respond normally. This year’s ears are as long as my forearm from the elbow up to my wrist. How that is defies my corn acumen. By rights, they should be identical to last year’s. The only difference is the rain stopped falling in May this year instead of June.


Silver Queen (first responders Friday 21 August)

For Mother’s day, I bought (and installed) Cupcake a new Induction cooktop. This baby is manufactured by Binford Tools out of Michigan (Mooooore power!) and brings water to a boil in about 4 minutes from room temperature. I had to run new 6/6/8 ga. copper wire because it sucks up amps. The all-glass surface is impervious to spills and a breeze for even an ignorant, lazy Vet to keep clean. It’s the cat’s pajamas but you can only use iron pots on it.

corndog production facility


As I near the decision day for the ILP greenhouse, I feel it is incumbent upon me to provide my VR&E minder with an update on ILP matters so he cannot claim I was remiss in my duties to apprise him of horticultural success.  So, Mr. Holloway, please note the bounty of my harvest re the potential greenhouse grant. I do hope we can do business on an amicable level without all that “It’s not vocational” negative ways business and the concomitant mental roadblock. Let’s practice being a Do bee and not a Don’t bee soon. Call me Bob says we are to now be Veterancentric. Everyone’s a stakeholder in getting this Department of Veterans Affairs’ house in order. There’s no “I” in Team, Kris. Pass that on to David for me if you would.


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