Hadit uses Central Time so apparently you need to have another brewski and sit back for about another hour. The Blog outfit with the gear to do this is out of London. Only the British would choose Central as the kick off time. 

TDIU. What it is and what it isn’t. What it was. Where it’s heading. And why. Jerrel Cook, John Basser and I will be smoking fine Havana cigars tomorrow afternoon because we can now. Just kidding. They might but I quit. We’ll discuss why IU is in danger of a haircut because VA can’t pay their bills. Someone will call in about SMC.  I guarantee it. That’s okay. We’ll talk to you, too.

This is your show. I’ll be handing out virtual autographed words free for an hour so be sure and collect some.

Jerrel doesn’t make me get up at 0500 anymore to do this @ 0700 here on the Left Coast (LC). We’re going to be noooooormal and do it in the evening. Their ‘evening’, that is. It’ll still be 1600 LC which means I have to feed the horses early. Remember the call in number is


If it were me, I’d ask for a customized call-in  number like Tommy Tutones’ 867-5309. Of course,  many of you may remember asknod was almost WWVD (What Would Veterans Do?) That never caught any air by V1 with the sponsors so I had to abort. Nice catchy ring to it, though. Did I mention Cupcake says I have Tourette’s syndrome, too?

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  2. Kiedove says:

    I couldn’t find the live podcast or archived ones on the blogtalkradio site either from the Hadit.com
    podcast tab/links or on the homepage.

    Update: Found the URL

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