logoAfter spotting all the activity on eBenefits as I described in the prior installment of the Writ series, I received a phone call from QTC Services-on a Saturday no less. The kind lady had been asked to come into the Office down there in Diamond Bar where Tony Principi and Jim Peake have set up shop and take care of a pressing matter that came up-to wit: contact that Graham character who thinks he gets some special dispensation for having the longest unadjudicated claim on record and schedule a C&P.

She politely scheduled me for the sixth of March several weeks hence and made sure I knew I would be given travel pay for showing up. This C&P will be for the Cryoglobulinemia and Fibromyalgia I filed for on October 1st, 2012. I guess they’re running a bit late on claims in Seattle. Nothing like a little Extraordinary Writ to grease the wheels of VA justice apparently.

This is now picking up steam as I predicted. The eBenefits portal shows the claims as “completed” which could mean two things. They may have granted them and merely need to confirm how much might be forthcoming in a rating or… they can’t find their ass with a methane detector. I’d give even odds on both theories.

What excited me the most was that that “Force” I always feel within me is screaming “Finality. Closure.” Actually, it isn’t quite that melodramatic after this many years. It’s more subdued like ” Holy $hit, Batman.It’s about time.”

This is an installment in a series about filing a Writ of Mandamus. The next Act and Scene will arrive later today after I have time to write it. Cupcake put in a request for a chauffeur (armed) concerning a real estate showing into a nearby county early yesterday and that necessarily takes precedence. File this one under Driving Miz Daisy.



Apparently, the QTC gal was worried I might be forgetful and followed up with an email to make suuuuuper sure I understood the importance of this C&P. Call me Bob seems to be worried that he won’t have all the judicial furniture arranged by next Monday on the second of March for Judge Davis. With this gesture, he can legitimately say he’s “on it.” How thoughtful to have the hired help in on a Saturday for one long-suffering Veteran. Almost brings a tear to the eye.

Capture QTC - Copy



This is a series. To view the next episode of the Birth of A Writ, please go here:

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