DSC01052 I ran into a case of these at the Air Am Air Operations Center on New Year’s Day at Udorn and gave the warehouse dude a case of Marb reds  for one. For the record, at 17¢ a pack, that was a buck seventy. Even though they were all old WW2 reworks, I’d never seen a knockoff of a Fabrique Nationale Hi-Power. 

Not being a big fan of 9mm, I threw it in the Diplomatic Pouch and sent it back to my mom in Alexandria, Va. who had a growing collection of all kinds of these things piling up. Put your cursor on it and left click for zoom. Do it again for extreme magnification.

Browning permitted the Inglis Corporation of Canada to start producing these in 1942-43 for shipment to East Asia to ease the shortage of weapons there. No bluing or even a Parkerized finish. Just raw, black steel. How they came into Air America’s inventory forty years later will remain an enigma. I finally looked up the parentage of it several years ago. I’d just assumed Consolidated International Airlines commissioned some South American company to start stamping them out. It’s clean as a whistle inside with little or no wear and tear. 73 years young. I’ve never shot it.


Check out the rear sight. Someone in tech support must have had a ripsnorting sense of humor if they thought it was good out to 500 meters. He probably went to work for the VA after the war.

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2 Responses to FOOTLOCKER–NEW YEAR’S DAY 1971

  1. SquidlyOne says:

    It’s worth some serious cash….definitely a collector’s dream. Interesting hand-gun. Sometimes the black finish is a cold bluing.

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