Neo jet injector idea from hell

This one’s for the ladies:

patent jet gun

FIG. 1 is a diagram showing an improved jet injection device for injection of DNA into the human female cervix. The jet propulsion system is similar to that of the well-known Ped-O-Jet system, which is readily adapted to fit the remainder of the device which is shown in FIG. 1. It is connected to the injection nozzle portion by injection tubing.

Purpose? Targeting gene expression to living tissue using jet injection  Patent # US 20040193111 A1

 [0021] The improved jet injection device for injection of the human female cervix consists of a jet injection nozzle which is small enough to position on the human female cervix (which is located within the vagina).

The nozzle is located at the end of a length of injection tubing sufficient to position the injection nozzle on the surface of the cervix, with the jet propulsion system located outside the body. The device is held in position at the cervix by cervical clamps. The nozzle is moved over the entire surface of the cervix by moving a platform which is located outside the body. The movements of the platform are controlled by computer to insure that small movements will be made…and the entire cervical surface is covered with injections. As an alternative, a manually driven device can be substituted for the computer.

 [0061] In summary, DNA can be introduced into differentiated somatic cells by jet injection. Modifications to the technique may improve transfection efficiency. The use of replicating vectors could increase expression levels and enhance integration of the expression vector; (Niwa, H., Yamamura, K., and Mizazaki, J. (1991) Gene 108, 193-200). The technique may be useful for genetic immunization, to deliver somatic gene replacement treatment and to target gene therapy to tumor cells using toxin or apoptosis genes.


The doctor can see you now!

Why don’t they study the tens of thousands of veterans who were accidentally infected with the replicating vectors known as HCV during pre-1990 bootcamp mass vaccination events?  Ask them if jet injectors do an efficient job at delivering RNA (and DNA) into living cells?  No need to torture little defenseless critters.  The answer is yes, jet injectors can deliver anticancer agents, genes–and many replicating entities as well.

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