Capture 2Boy howdy am I ever glad to see this headline. To think any of you triplegic Vets out there would stoop so low as to try collecting that extra $142 a month for shacking up with who later turns out to have been your wife all along is revolting. What’s the matter? SMC-P wasn’t good enough for you? Forcing VA sherlocks to come and catch you out for $4,825.00 should be the embarrassment of a lifetime- unless it was in error or harmless error-or- gasp-VA’s error dispensing it in the first place.

Capture 11

Brian “Tin Man” Kolfage.

Pity poor Senior Airman Brian Kolfage jr. Unexpectedly clobbered  by a 107 mike mike on September 11, 2004,  he lost a few fingers and toes. That didn’t stop him. When he recovered he was prepared to serve again. Unfortunately the body was not so willing. His buddies were calling him Tin Man after the guy on The Wizard of Oz. He’s been medically retired and milking the VA tit for a pretty good nickel since then.  Yep. Probably socking away at least $45- $50 K tax-free for the rest of his life.  Another VA Welfare queen in drag. The VA poohbahs were watching all that dinero flowing to his bank account and figured he must be flogging the dog. Just as they did with old Keith Roberts, the Debt Management Center came down on him like a cheap new polyester suit.  Busted, dude.

Seems they were paying him for being married but he wasn’t. But then, well, yes he was. You know how famous these VA gomers are for losing stuff, shredding it or misfiling it in another Vet’s c-file. So now the ball is back in the DMC’s court. They say they’re gonna dink him a buck five a month until they get it all back- but then go away.

The VA can hang you out to dry like they did me for twenty years and change and never blink an eye when they finally settle up. No mea culpas. No “Thank your for your service and we apologize for screwing up in 1994.” Nor, apparently, is the VA  yet prepared to say “Mr. Kolfage, we discovered an anomaly in your paycheck. It seems we overpaid you $142.00 a month for three years. Seeing’s as it’s our fault and you lost three limbs in the war, we’ll give you a bye on it. Besides, you’re married now so it’s really a push. Your compensation amount won’t change. America owes you more than they can ever repay you.  We wish we could do more for you but we sure aren’t going to be assholes about it.”

No sirreee, Brian. You cheated by not calling and telling them they were paying you too much and now it’s gonna cost you. America doesn’t reward cheaters.

VA Fraudster Kouflage

VA Fraudster Kolfage

P.S. 12/20/2018  Mr. Kolfage probably didn’t cotton to me writing this blog. He was overly upset I attacked a certain Veterans Service Organization with the initials of WWP back in 2014. That was before the CEO and his friends in that organization  were shown the door. Of course I would know very little about these matters due to my non-disclosure of intimate details of my “settlement”.


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  1. John King says:

    Due to a screw-up with my G.Il Bill back in 1974 the VA overpaid me by $204 for one semester. They hounded me for years over this amount. I was working, going to school and trying to pay rent etc. out of minimum wage job and G.I. Bill. G.I. Bill would not feed a chicken. I finally got my congressman to help me be “forgiven” for this awful debt. At the same time the VA paid me at 100% rate for 6 months by mistake back in 1975. I was only rated 10% at the time. I sent the checks back to them. I called them and I wrote them telling them they were overpaying me. The checks kept coming. I put them into a savings account for the day when they would wake up and ask for it back. They never did. The checks just stopped coming. One VA hand is screwing you, and one is stuffing money in your pocket. I have been underpaid and overpaid so a negative plus a positive equals zero.

  2. mark says:

    Social Security thinks I am NOT DISABLED, I guess THEY have not seen my VA File, They Messing with me again, even though I failed Treatment Three Times, I will say it once again THEY DONT CARE ABOUT US, in Fact THEY want US Dead, its NOT OUR Government anymore its USSA, and THEY do not want to pay for USED up Equpment, or Cattle as THEY like to call US.

  3. susan says:

    If I had the money I would love to send the money to them in pennies and let them pinch each one!

  4. ray says:

    So I guess if you get 100% they start watching you and will consficate you weapons

    • John King says:

      They might take my weapons (Swiss Army knife) but they can’t take my wife’s AR-15, 38 Special and pump shotgun. Fact is I could get concealed weapons permit in Florida with little effort. You must be a felon, or have been involuntarily committed to a mental ward by the courts to lose your gun rights here. Everyone in Florida is packing. I will be packing heat when I arrive at grocery store. Nobody steal my handicap parking!!!!! I am afraid of law abiding and armed citizens more than crooks. A state that would give me a permit to carry is a scary place.

  5. Karen S. says:

    Exact same thing here, now VA says I owe them 10K…..but DUH….I AM MARRIED!

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