VA spokesperson Helman

VA spokesperson Helman

It seems no matter how many Veterans you kill via ignoring their medical needs or simply scheduling them further and further into the future until they die, there is no “criminal intent”. Well, boy howdy I’m sure glad to know they didn’t do it with malice aforethought. That puts it in a whole new category of respectability- perhaps a “I don’t give a shit about Vets but the need for that bonus was greed-not based on a criminal mindset.”

Attorney General Eric Holder made that distinction known today by declining to prosecute numerous VA miscreants in the Phoenix VAMC scandal that is now going viral and spreading faster than Ebola at a Mcdonald’s in Liberia. The preferred punishment seems to be ambiguous or perhaps at the discretion of Call me Bob. That much is not clear. How anyone at DOJ can be so intuitive about criminal motives on such a wholesale basis smacks of the VA’s same innate ability to hire examiners who were born with an MD or ARPN after their name.

On the other hand, I read of a maligned Veteran suffering bent brain syndrome in Coshocton, Ohio this morning whose criminal intent was blatant. No ifs, ands or buts about it.  Fortunately he was held to a higher standard and fined monetarily as well he should have been. Allowing riff raff like former Veterans to treat the law of the land with utter impunity must be curbed before it becomes a national malaise.

Veteran found guilty—-Fined over pet ducks


Welker with pet duck Aflac

An Ohio Army Veteran who says his pet ducks help relieve his post-traumatic stress disorder and depression has been convicted of a minor misdemeanor for keeping them.

Darin Welker was cited for violating a ban on keeping farm animals in  West Lafayette,  a village 80 miles east of Columbus. He was found guilty Wednesday and was fined $50 plus court costs.

A prosecutor says the ordinance is clear and the judges’s hands were tied. [ed. note; article does not specify what type of restraint was employed to incarcerate judge’s hands]

The Coshocton Tribune reports  Welker recently gave away eight of the ducks but still has six. 

We can assume it won’t be long before the VAOIG and Coshocton SWAT team moves in and “liberates’ the last six duck hostages and takes Darin out in the process for pointing a TV remote control at them. The very idea of holding ducks against their will in a  remote village outside of EBE, Ohio is anathema and can only lead to more abuses. Next, these miscreants will insist on slavery with dogs and cats.

So how about if  Call Me Bob does this. Fine each and every VA employee, regardless of rank or position, $50 each for every Vet they held “hostage” from VA care. Whoa, there hoss. 47,000+ Vets just identified so far times $50 a head? We could couch it as a civil matter rather than criminal. Perhaps that would dissuade those chuckleheads from pulling stunts like this. Unfortunately, the Sharon Helmans and their ilk of the unfolding scandal will have to be shown the door. As the ringleaders who profited immensely from this via bonuses, their “criminal” intent is not for discussion. Call it what you want but screwing Vets to pad your 401K is against the law everywhere except Chicago and DC. Being in Phoenix does not qualify.

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  1. John King says:

    Al Capone said what he did was crime, but in the circles of the rich of Chicago is was called hospitality. I mean the sale of booze. The VA is just a counting machine with its eye on the budget and bottom line. If it costs too much let the vet die. There are two VA approved nursing homes in my area. One is a quick death sentence and the other is better with decent treatment. Doctor’s decided who lives and who dies.

  2. It was not “criminal intent”, it was simply maximizing VA employee bonuses by minimizing the lives of Veterans who probably would die someday anyway, right? Come to think of it tho, isnt that what Al Capone did, also? Did Mr. Capone not maximize his profits by minimizing the lives of those who should dare compete against him or possibly say something which may have made Mr. Capone go to jail? Surely that would have hurt Mr. Capone’s profits, and surely there is no criminal intent as long as there is a profit motive, according to Mr. Holder.

  3. david j murphy says:

    As much as I would like to blame the current occupant of the White House for this, sadly this selective blindness runs the political spectrum

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