Nota bene. The old days of shipping it all in to your local VARO have passed on. The trick now is to send it to Janesville Wisconsin and Newnan, Georgia depending on your location. Here’s the VA handout.

To make sure it doesn’t get misplaced, waylaid, shredded or simply disremembered, ship them puppies to one of these two locations. Here’s the .pdf that tells all:

VBA Web Portals by State 09-2014

We still advocate filing with the green card as a backup to anything filed electronically. The Georgia outfit acknowledges the FAXes but Cheeseville does not. We won’t go into the common law mailbox rule and how dishonest you Vets are so just spend the few extra shekels on that green card to prove you aren’t lying. I’ve had two that I needed so never say they are superfluous.

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  1. screwed over vet says:

    You can also still upload documents via the ebenifits portal and print a receipt that documents your submission. It has been my experience that whoever it is that does the posting on the portal to acknowledge that VA has received documents in my particular case, has things all fouled up.
    there is so much misinformation, That I call it (Chaos By Design).Months of abandon with no updates, wrong dates on documents and claims submitted. Documents posted to wrong claims and on and on. I still thank god for the portal because even with all the chaos on one hand, the people Vets refer to as (Peggy, Call center employees,) have on a couple of occasions located documents submitted months earlier, but not acknowledged as received on the portal.
    one other way to prove that you have submitted documents is to inquire Via the VA IRIS ASK A QUESTION SYSTEM. They can send dates of receipt BYVA in emaill response’s to your inquiries. WE MUST ALL DOCUMENT OUR DOCUMENTS BY ANY LEGAL MEANS NESSASARY.

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