DAV’s excellent report out–Women Veterans: The Long Journey Home

dav female reportSome of the topics, as they relate to post 9/11 female vets, include the following:  wounded in action, limb loss and amputation, traumatic brain injury, mental health, suicide, VA health care system, VA Mental Health Care, legal problems, military sexual trauma,  re-integration support, education, financial insecurity, shelter and homelessness, and unemployment. Findings on benefits for post 9/11 veterans start on page 21. 

Download the pdf here.

DAV leadership is to be praised for commissioning the report and getting a major news outlet, CNN, to promote it.

female vets unemployed

Post 9/11 skilled women have higher rates of unemployment. Why?

Odd facts:  females have higher rates of unemployment that their male colleagues. And 1/3 of VAMC don’t have a gynecologist on staff.  At the VBA, these younger combat veteran women get the runaround as we have read about recently in NOD’s post about Shanniqua, wounded Army vet

The report also reminds us that

After more than 20 years’ work and expenditure of billions
of public dollars, the DoD and VA electronic health records are
not interoperable and have limited communication capapbility.
Creating a single, integrated electronic health records system, outhouse
or at a minimum, systems that possess the technical ability
to communicate with each other, is a requirement for seamless
transition. Two successive Administrations have committed
the government to implement interoperable health information

Hire Google, or Adobe, or Amazon, or Apple, or IBM, or Microsoft to fix these programming problems!  The VA, DoD administrators and Congress piddle ’round and ’round wasting billions.

Governments have problems hiring and implementing IT.  I checked out Vermont’s Health Care exchange site, and believe it or not, parts of it are down with 2015 renewals right around the corner.  You’ve got to hire the best of the best, not the cheapest bidder, to get IT right.


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1 Response to DAV’s excellent report out–Women Veterans: The Long Journey Home

  1. Mark Worthen says:

    Thanks for letting us know about this new publication. It is excellent.

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