10628368_10202542670155487_6048263679916147970_nI found out today is actually “Indigenous People’s Day” now rather than the original celebration of Christopher Columbus getting lost in the Atlantic Ocean and finding Hispaniola. If this is true, then wouldn’t it be appropriate to pack up, leave and return it to the rightful owners? Seems no one is prepared to go that far. I suppose calling it Redskins Day is right out, too.

Enclosed please find for your viewing pleasure the following sent in, collected, and spotted while out and about on our favorite  Social Media Medium. Facepage is becoming droll for the younger generation. My grandkids feel it is no longer viable when their grandparents are active on it.



mime-attachment (1)1656189_740322449372081_2778711206213235374_n154111_451616584904688_1886315729_n1621915_10152690055860700_6619218959029286179_n

And then carefully roll the tp back up several turns where it is still visible.

And then carefully roll the tp back up several turns where it is still visible.


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