10600503_10203626629959910_1414506955141013138_nNeed I say more? Love the name. Love the idea of two Hep C birth control pills in one with no Ribavirin and no Interferon. Smooth sailing and in less time than you can count in Hepatitis C land. Thank you Gilead for persevering. No more hurling chunks and thyroid cancer. No more Ribarage. No more ____________________(insert malady here).

Here’s more:


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  1. redcloud says:

    Gilead Sciences has a program called Support Path. Call 1-855-769-7284
    Also, call 1-713-651-1001; they too provide financial support for Harvoni.
    My co-pay was going to be $4000.00 per bottle.
    In a very short time I was approved and I pay $0.00.
    It did not take long and it was not complicated; no paper work was involved, just a little phone time.
    The Harvoni pamphlet says it for HCV genotype 1a.
    I don’t know if that means it won’t be prescribed for other HCV genotypes or not.
    There are other support programs and Gilead can provide telephone numbers for your area.
    They were very helpful, nice, and thoughtful.

  2. mark says:

    Lets see if Medicare will pay another 80k in the same 12 months????????

  3. cdneh says:

    Well, from some reports I am reading it’s very expensive, at $94,500 for 12 weeks and $63,000 for eight weeks. “At that price, it’s simply not affordable to millions of Americans,” he said. “Medicaid is going to have real trouble paying for it, the Veterans Affairs system is going to have real trouble paying for it, private insurance is going to have trouble paying for it. I think they missed an opportunity to put a life-saving drug within the reach of most Americans.”

    I think that’s lets Chase out.

  4. Sue Stinnett says:

    So glad something is going your way!

    • asknod says:

      Shoot. I’m on Day 110 of the old one (Sovaldi) and still undetected, Sue. This is great for all those who crashed and burned on Sovaldi alone.

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