houstonIn a change of pace, the Houston Veterans Service Center Manager (VSM) called the VAOIG and begged them to come on down to sunny Texas to arrange a necktie party for one of their own. Seems a former mailman turned VA rater was “stashing claims” in the “already done” file and cooking the books to make  the number of completed claims look marvelous. But wait. I thought that was how they always did it. Seems I was wrong. Well, partly. He was getting out of hand with a good thing. When you “finish” 31 out of 50 claims in a day, your bonus check is going to be stupendous. Just make sure you stamped denied  on them and not “to be continued.”

We were unable to substantiate that ...

I’m goin’ to Houston

This almost sounds like one of those VA Medical Scheduling bait and switches. I wonder how many Vets died while waiting for a decision that was just never going to happen? Now RO Houston has a “pause” button. That’s what the OIG discovered. Anytime you, a lowly untermenschen GS -11, can go into VACOLS and start overwriting Windows with his very own version of “once upon a time” every Vet’s claim is endangered.

One wonders what is next.

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  1. david j murphy says:

    This is prehaps why I have been waiting 6 years for a DRO hearing for 6 years.

  2. hepper74 says:

    And the beat goes on!

  3. John King says:

    Hey, a claims examiner at VA Fee Base just threw my claim in the trash. The VA boss of fee base actually admited such to me. I expected a denial at first but not an admission of guilt. I got my money even if it did take 6 months. The bad employee got a “talking to” so I feel vindicated…..not. VA has cheated me out of so much money over the last 4 decades I could have retireed at age 40.

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